2021 MILA Product Catalog - International



Tracheal Wash / Aspiration Catheters

Indwelling Guttural Pouch Catheter Kit

Placed by viewing the guttural pouch through an endoscope up one nostril and placing the catheter introducer up the other nostril. Non-irritating polyurethane catheter for extended treatment of the guttural pouch. Kit includes polyurethane catheter with coils, bendable introducer and attachable luer lock adapter. The catheter can be left in for days, secured to the halter and protected by a grazing muzzle or cut to desired length. Catheter dimensions: 12Ga x 135cm (54 Inches). DESCRIPTION ITEM# Catheter Kit 9500 Catheter Only 9510

Single lumen catheter with female luer lock for medication delivery and sampling at any endoscope accessible site. To maintain sterility during placement, these sets contain a glycol plug. DESCRIPTION SCOPE CHANNEL SIZE ITEM# 2.3mmOD x 190cm (76in) 2.5mm EDC190 1.8mmOD x 200cm (79in) - NEW 2.0mm EDC200 2.3mmOD x 220cm (88in) 2.5mm EDC220 2.3mmOD x 400cm (160in) 2.5mm EDC400 Single Lumen Catheters

Double / Triple Lumen Catheters

Two and three lumen sampling catheters enable a sterile specimen retrieval via an endoscope. To maintain sterility during placement, these sets contain a glycol plug in the outer catheter. Once placed, the inner catheter is advanced for retrieval of the sterile specimen. DESCRIPTION SCOPE CHANNEL SIZE ITEM# Two stage catheter 1.8mmx 190cm (76in) 2.0mm EMAC700 Two stage catheter 1.8mmx 250cm (100in) 2.0mm EMAC700L Triple stage catheter 2.3mmx 190cm (76in) 2.5mm EMAC800

Double Lumen

Triple Lumen


Aspiration and injection needle with female luer lock. Ideal for lancing and injecting ethmoid hematomas and uterine cysts. DESCRIPTION SCOPE CHANNEL SIZE ITEM# 1.8mmx 190cm (76in) with 19Ga needle - NEW 2.0mm LAN180 2.3mmx 190cm (76in) with 17Ga needle 2.5mm LAN190


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