2021 MILA Product Catalog - International



Laparoscopic Large Animal Retrieval Pouch

Cytobrush – Protected

• Indicated to collect tissue samples from the bronchi and/or upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts for the diagnosis of suspected pathology in the airway. • Tube within a tube design. The outer tube has a water soluble glycol plug in the distal end to protect the inner lumen brush from contamination as it travels through the endoscope channel. When the sample site is reached, the forward motion of the inner tube safely expels the plug and deploys the brush. After sample collection, the brush is retracted into the outer tube, and removed from the scope channel. • Sheathed catheter with plug for sample protection is 1.8mm x 180cm. •10mm bristled brush with outside diameter of 2mm and radiopaque distal end cap. • Handle with ring provides easy deployment and retraction of brush. DESCRIPTION SCOPE CHANNEL SIZE ITEM# 1.8mmx 180cm (72in) 2.0mm CYT180


• Retrieval pouch for a variety of large animal surgical procedures. – Ovariectomies with normal ovaries and granulosa cell tumors. – Removal of cryptorchid testicle. – Removal of bladder stones. – Removal of abdominal cavity tumors. – Harvesting biopsy specimens. • 1500ml bag detaches from metal cage. • Sturdier than human product. • More economical. ITEM# See 2017 publication: milainternational.com/pub/media/ wysiwyg/Retrieval_Pouch-Large_Animal.pdf


13.3cm (5.25 inches)

17.8cm (7 inches)

30.5cm (12 inches)


TOTAL LENGTH = 61cm (24 inches) DIAMETER = 15mm


Cage retracts into shaft.


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