2022 MILA Product Catalog - International


Equine Guarded Pharyngeal Swab Kit

Equine Castration Drape

• F or collection of a sterile sample . • A n inert capsule pr otects the inner tube while advancing thr ough the nostril. • Tube within a tube style . • Outer tube has a smooth, atr aumatic distal end. • A fter adv ancing, the capsule is pushed out b y the inner tube and dissolv es. • Swab ar ea for sample , then r etract inner tube into the outer tube befor e withdr awing all fr om the nostril. • Kit includes sw ab, gloves and scissors. • Length=62.5cm(25in) OD=23Fr ITEM# 5240

Drape size 150cm (60in) x 90cm (36in). Clear film with 20cm (8in) x 15cm (6in) adhesiv e fenestr ation and adhesive strips . •  Adhesive strips make this dr ape ideal for field use and man y types of pr ocedur es. • Adhesive apertur e. • Sterile , impervious tr anslucent film. • Provides superb tr anslucent pr otection with optimal dr apeability . • Helps maintain patient temper atur e.



150cm (60in)

20cm (8in)

Gray areas represent adhesive strips.


Flushing Wye Set for Large Animal Chest Tubes

Flush lar ge chest tubes with this lar ge bore (6.35mm ID) wy e set. ITEM#





Arm 1 - 152cm (60in) with spike and clamp Arm 2 - to patient tube, 90cm (36in) with clamp Arm 3 - to drain bucket, 122cm (48in) with clamp


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