2023 MILA Product Catalog - International



Eye Lavage Kit/SPL

• Can be placed in upper or lower lid. • Single stick insertion method • Soft, non-irritating disk and tubing • Allows application of liquid eye medication away from the site. • Easily used in both clinical and farm setting. • Kit includes 12Ga straight or 10°angled trocar, 20Ga catheter, eyelid lifter, extension set, luer lock adapter, tongue depressor for taping the proximal end, catheter for medication infusion, stasis valve and stemless cap. • Repair kit (#6615) includes 20in/50.8cm tubing, cannula for connecting tubes, 20Ga catheter, tongue depressor for taping the proximal end, stasis valve and stemless cap. • Use the elastomeric administration pump (Item #7100 on next page) for continuous infusion. DESCRIPTION ITEM # Subpalpebral Eye Lavage Kit 60in/152.4cm catheter 6612 Subpalpebral Eye Lavage Kit Angled 10° trocar, 60in/152.4cm catheter 6613 Repair Kit 6615 For Ophthalmic Surgical Drape, see next page.

Upper Lid Insertion

Lower Lid Insertion

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