2021 MILA Product Catalog - International

REPLACEMENT PIECES for Long Term Catheter Kits


Pick & Peel Surgical Drape


Use for maintaining a sterile field for catheter placement. Each drape allows the user to select a 3.75cm (1.5in) or 6.9cm (2.75in) fenestration. Drape size 60cm x 60cm (24in x 24in). • Adhesive apertures. • Sterile, impervious, translucent film. • Provides superb translucent protection from fluids with optimal drapeability. • Helps keep patient warm. • Can be used for small animal DENTAL procedures. Put animal snout through the aperture. ITEM # PPD ITEM # (10 Pack) PPD10



0.018in x 45cm guidewire with one soft flexible ‘J ’ end and one soft flexible straight end 0.018in x 50cm Hydrophilic coated nitinol wire with steerable tip 0.021in x 70cm Hydrophilic coated nitinol wire with steerable tip 0.035in x 80cm Hydrophilic coated nitinol wire with steerable tip






Peel here for 6.9cm (2.75in) fenestration to expose the blue and green areas.

GW1850N, GW2170N, and GW3580N

Peel here for 3.75cm (1.5in) fenestration to expose the green area.

Additional drapes on page 55

Injection Port

Peel-Away Introducers

• Stasis Clear Neutral Displacement Injection Port PREVENTS BLOOD REFLUX into the catheter tip when disconnecting the syringe or line. • Needle-Free, Swabable. • CLAMPING IS NOT REQUIRED. • SALINE FLUSH option reduces risk, cost and time associated with Heparin use.

Facilitate the placement of catheters and tubing with these high quality introducers. They peel apart cleanly after introduction. Used in MILA long term catheter kits and PICC kits. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 3Fr (20Ga) x 3.75cm (1.5in) 4203 4Fr (18Ga) x 3.75cm (1.5in) 4204 5Fr (16Ga) x 3.75cm (1.5in) 4205.5 5Fr (16Ga) x 6.25cm (2.5in) 4205 6Fr (14Ga) x 3.75cm (1.5in) 4206.5 6Fr (14Ga) x 6.25cm (2.5in) 4206

• Highly recommended to replace all previous style “bungs,” “prn ports” and “older model injection ports.” • HIGHER FLOW RATE than previous ports. • Used in all CVC kits. ITEM#


(10 Pack) 8099

ITEM# Optional Stemless Cap




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