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July, 2017


Growing up, one of Sara’s favorite games was National Geographic Global Pursuits, a map trivia game. She loved the maps, tracing the winding roads, seeing what cities were in each state or country, learning about agriculture and history. She has always had a strong sense of adventure and desire to travel, yet has not had opportunities to pursue her global travel dreams. One of those dreams was to take a “mother/daughter” trip and for over 20 years it remained elusive. On May 20th, with the amazing support of her husband, son and Peak Motion work family, Sara headed out for a trip of a lifetime with her Mom! They spent a week in the quiet SW countryside of England and a week in the bustling heart of Paris, France. While there were a few destinations planned (ie. Stonehenge, horseback riding, Eiffel Tower, Sine water taxi), Sara and her Mom spent most of their days exploring by simply walking out the door, taking a deep breathe and choosing which direction to go that day. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.

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