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SEP 2017

A Dedication to Community

M y career in physical therapy began in New York City. I started there not long after I wrapped up my physical therapy master’s program at the University of Miami School of Medicine. I felt New York was the best place to establish my career. I got great experience and worked with so many incredible people. It wasn’t long before I realized that New York City wasn’t the place where I was meant to be. In spending more time in Jacksonville, where I had grown up, I saw that our community was desperately underserved when it came to specialty PT care. There were people driving up to three hours out of town to get the care they needed. For me, this was unacceptable. The people of Jacksonville deserve what people living in metropolitan communities have regular access to. They deserve a better level of care and someone they can rely on for that care. I made the move from New York back to Jacksonville and made the change I wanted to see. I opened my own PT clinic. Since opening the clinic, my role has evolved. I’ve learned to balance being a business owner with being a clinician. To achieve that, I’ve worked hard to bring together a talented team of people who are just as passionate about providing the best in patient care as I am.

As I was assembling this dedicated team, I realized I had to look beyond their abilities as physical

therapists and clinicians. While their education and

experience was critical, how they communicated with patients was just as important, if not more. Communication is everything when it comes to the health and care of a patient. As health care experts, we need to know we are doing everything to the best of our ability to help each patient. We have to listen and understand the issues our patients are experiencing. My goal, then and now, has been to provide the highest level of care and to achieve what I set out to do when I created Synergy Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. As much as I love serving as a clinician and being directly involved with our patients, I’m really passionate about developing Synergy as a business. I’ve made it my mission to expand beyond just physical therapy. People need health care that emphasizes whole-body wellness — care that goes beyond what PT generally provides. To that end, I’m exploring innovative ways to incorporate health and wellness programs into what we already do every day. Of course, this doesn’t mean I don’t work with patients. I try to plan my time as best I can. When I get down to it, nothing brings me greater joy than

working with patients and helping them achieve their own goals with therapy, whether it’s recovering from an injury, overcoming pain, or rehabilitation.

Over the years, I’ve noticed more clinicians spending less time with

patients. Physical therapy has become too fast-paced, and clinicians aren’t devoting enough time to each patient — time their patients deserve. While I do spend a portion of my time growing the business, I will never give up the time I spend with my patients. Every moment we spend with our patients is essential to their outcome. And we want to achieve the best outcome possible, because that is what you deserve.

Kira Boyd



Achieving Your Goals ... TOGETHER

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