Focus AE Level 2 Work Book Unit 1

1.1 Vocabulary Personality adjectives • Adjective + preposition PERSONALITY

WORD STORE 1A Adjective antonyms 1 Anna is making a list called My perfect boyfriend . Use pairs of opposites from the box to complete her list.

arrogant caring cheerful crazy hard-working lazy miserable modest outgoing selfish sensible shy

My perfect boyfriend is ... a movie star, handsome, rich

x negative

✓ positive

c aring

not selsh not not not not not


1 s 2 c 3 o 4 h 5 m

2 A few months after making her list, Anna is having a conversation with her friend Laura. Complete it with the adjectives in the box. There are two extra adjectives. arrogant caring cheerful hard-working crazy miserable modest selfish shy L: So, how are things? Is Simon the perfect boyfriend? A: Well, nobody’s perfect, but you know what? He’s really great. First of all, he’s really 0 cheerful , you know, always happy and smiling. And he’s very 1 . He wants to be a teacher, and he does a lot of studying in the evening. L: Does he have any time for you, then? A: Oh, sure. He’s a very 2 guy. He calls me every night and asks about my day. And he often buys me flowers. L: Wow. Lucky you! Dave never asks about my day. He only thinks about himself. He’s so 3 . Dave thinks he’s the best boyfriend in the world. He thinks he’s the best at everything. He’s really 4 . A: Poor you. Simon is exactly the opposite. He’s really smart, but he doesn’t talk about it. He’s very 5 . I’m really happy, you know. L: Well, good for you. Unfortunately, I’m not. I’m the opposite. I’m unhappy; really 6 . I think I need a new boyfriend. I don’t know what to do. Does Simon have a twin brother?


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