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KNOWLEDGE BEANS -21 a huma n r e s ou r c e news l e t t e r apr 2010

Highlights of this issue - Dilip Sengupta tips for the‘Job Getters’ - Capt.Randive gives insights on OD as the key to improve employee performance - Dr Vinita Mahajani states the importance of peace of mind - Deeksha Jawa gives an overview of the PerformanceManagement System - Deepa Sengupta pens an article on‘Creativity for nurturing talent’

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Dilip Sengupta

This is a brief article which explains the change in environment one can normally expect while starting his/her career after leaving the academic environment. While adoption to the new situation is a built-in process of any organisation, a little bit of preparation is always helpful particularly because, for a young mind such change is too fast and too much to cope up with. What are those changes, FAQ’s which are very common irrespective of the past academic field or future organizational structure? And what are those ‘learnings’ that may have to be ‘unlearned’ for a smooth and bump-less transfer? The first thing that may pose a challenge is a sudden in-flux of ‘new things that was all unknown so far’.This is not only with respect to the new life or new culture but even in the area of domain knowledge. The first reaction may be – ‘probably I should have been more serious in my studies’ or ‘I don’t think it was included in our syllabus’ etc. Firstly stop thinking or reacting on these lines. While a better academic background is always helpful, that is not a guarantee for a successful career in the long run. In most of the cases academic short fall can be well compensated in the job market only if one can select / find the ‘right path’.

Dilip completed his B.Sc - Physics (Hons) from Kolkata University in 1967 & a degree in Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering from Jadavpur University in 1971.He joined Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd (IPCL), Baroda in 1973. He moved to new Nagothane Complex of IPCL (now RIL) in 1984 and moved up to become the Vice President.He has worked for RIL for their Jamnagar expansion as Consultant.

the editor’s column Alok Nagarkar

Alok Nagarkar is pursuing his Master’s degree in Management with specialization in HR. He has a passion for creating a dynamic network of people and sharing knowledge. This edition talks of “Performance Management Systems”. It talks of improving performance for sustaining an organization in a competitive market. It lays an emphasis on various factors that will help in the development of an effective workforce through an improvement in their performance.

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