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B Installing 115,000 linear feet of 8-inch to 24-inch CIPP SAK begins $17.3m pipeline rehabilitation contract ALTIMORE, MD — SAK Construction, LLC, (SAK) has be-

Core Realty plans complete restoration Capital Comm’l announces sale of Umbrella Factory

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Capital Commercial Real Estate Group announced the completion of the sale for the historic Umbrella Factory property located at 1501 N. 5th St. in the Lower Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Jack Depaul, Sr. broker associate with Capital Com- mercial represented both the buyer and seller. The buyer was Core Realty Inc. , a Philadelphia develop- ment organization. Core has begun its planning and initial renovations preparing for a complete restoration of the building scheduled for later this year. n

ager, the project also requires SAK to rehabilitate 529 man- holes and repair more than 2,100 house connections, using excavation, grouting and CIPP methods. The assignment, part of a comprehensive plan the City of Baltimore is imple- menting to improve its waste- water system, is scheduled for completion in April 2016. SAK is concurrently working on a separate $18.8 million waste- water rehabilitation project in the Union Square area of Balti- more, scheduled for completion in November 2015. “SAK’s extensive experi-

ence in working with CIPP in residential areas – plus our ability to bring in additional seasoned crews, as needed, from our other locations – al- lows us to successfully tackle assignments of this complexity and size, and ensure on-time, seamless project completion for the city,” Stier said. A logistical plus is that SAK’s 7.5-acre Atlantic Divi- sion office and campus is only one mile from the jobsite. Minority and women-owned subcontractors vetted by SAK will partner with it to execute over 30% of the project. n

gun work on a new $17.3 million con- tract to in- stall 115,000 linear feet of 8-inch to 24- inch cured- in-place pipe (CIPP) in a

Bob Stier

dozen residential neighbor- hoods in the southwestern sec- tion of the City of Baltimore. The Atlantic Division office of SAK, one of the fastest-grow- ing pipeline rehabilitation and tunneling contractors in the U.S., is located in Arbu- tus, MD, and will oversee the project. According to Bob Stier , Atlantic Division general man- PRINCETON, NJ — At an event celebrating practice excellence and notable achieve- ments in the Garden State’s building and design commu- nity, the New Jersey Society of Architects (AIA-NJ) -- a chapter of the American Insti- tute of Architects -- honored integrated design firm JZA+D of Princeton with the title Ar- chitectural Firm of the Year for 2014. JZA+D’s partners, Joshua Zinder, AIA , and Marlyn Zucosky, IIDA , accepted the prestigious service award at the AIA-NJ Annual Awards Dinner. JZA+D was selected from a distinguished field of can- didate firms for the award. “Service award” honorees, as the name implies, have distin- guished themselves not only as designers but also as con- tributors to the betterment of the architecture industry and community statewide. Zinder, JZA+D’s founding principal, also received AIA-NJ Architect of the Year honors for 2013. The firm’s collaborative de- sign process aims to build proj- ect-specific partnerships. As a result of JZA+D’s implemen- tation of integrated practice models, the partners Zinder and Zucosky have been able to offer clients more potent solu- tions that combine architecture and interior design expertise into a single package. n JZA+D receives- Firm of the Year honors from AIA

1501 N. 5th St.

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