Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

Collection Robin Reed 135-pound championship again in 1924. This is only where the legend begins. In the Pacific Northwest Olympic team trials, Reed entered four different weight classes: 145.5 pounds, 158.5 pounds, 174 pounds, and 192 pounds. He won all four, and made the Olympic team. After being named to the team, he needed to hitchhike fromOregon to New York to get there. On his way, he stopped at Iowa State University and asked if he could use their gym to work out. He was refused. He proceeded to ask the wrestling coach if he could use the gym if he first pinned every single member of

O neof thegreatest amateurwrestlers in the history of the sport, Robin Reed’s legend was almost the stuff of tall tales, like Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill. He took up wrestling as a 125-pound high school student in Arkansas, and by the time he attended Oregon State University, he was consistently wrestling in the 170-pound weight division , while only weighing just over 140. Despite this, he never lost a match. He won the 125-pound national AAU championship in 1921, won the 135-pound championship in 1922, won every match in 1923 but did not win the championship, and won the

Lot 880: Robin Reed’s 1924 Olympic Participant’s Badge Minimum Bid: $150.00

Lot 881: Robin Reed 1920s Amateur Awards Collection (4) Minimum Bid: $200.00

Fall 2018 Premier Auction – Closes November 24, 2018


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