Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

17 1907 Dietsche Postcards Ty Cobb (HOF - Fielding) - SGC F 1.5 Extremely rare “fielding” pose variation from the 1907 Dietsche Postcards set, issued in conjunction with the Detroit Tigers’ appearance in the 1907 series. Two Cobb poses were included with the issue - one picturing Cobb batting, and another picturing him fielding, but for some reason, the fielding pose is far more difficult to obtain than the batting counterpart. Indeed, According to the population reports of SGC, 42 examples of the “batting” pose of Cobb’s Dietcshe issue have been graded, against just 7 of the “fielding” (with 22 additional where the pose is not catalogued, which, of course, could contain some of the more scarce pose). The PSA populations are similar: 50 graded examples of the “batting” pose, with just 11 of the “fielding.” Unquestionably, this is a rare card. In addition, while there are a number of different postcards issued in 1907 that feature Cobb, this is generally considered to be the earliest of them all, making it frequently considered to be his rookie card. The card has been recently graded by SGC, with an overall strong image quality depicting Cobb lunging for what appears to be a falling popup. Though postally unused, the card does exhibit some noticeable surface wear, with a surface abrasion resulting in paper loss at the lower-left edge of the card. Edge chipping and corner wear are consistent with the grade. A very rare “fielding” pose of Ty Cobb, often considered his “rookie” card, from the Dietsche postcard set. MINIMUM BID: $750.00

18 1911 T3 Turkey Red #9 Ty Cobb (HOF) - SGC VG 3 Unquestionably the key to what many believe to be the most beautiful of the cabinet card issues, the T3 Turkey Red Ty Cobb certainly qualifies as “iconic” among prewar collectors, the image of Cobb glaring at the viewer, choked up on the bat, belt buckle pulled to the side, is recognizable by virtually everyone in our hobby. This example is a stunner, graded VG 3 by SGC due largely to wear at the edges; as with actual cabinet photos, the “mount” has protected the image from most blemishes and damage. The checklist-backed reverse is similarly strong, some light surface wear evident near the bottom of the card. As with other cards from the issue, the T3 Cobb is often found in lower grade, as many young collectors displayed the oversized cabinets by tacking them to their walls or mounting them in albums; pinholes and back damage are common. Of the 67 Cobbs graded by SGC with the “checklist back,” Just 15 have graded higher than this. PSA’s percentages are similar; of 120 graded, just 33 have graded above VG. Beyond the technical assessment, however, one must consider the quality of the image itself, which, in this case, is extremely strong. An outstanding card, one of the hobby’s true “blue chips.” MINIMUM BID: $1,000.00

Fall 2018 Premier Auction – Closes November 24, 2018


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