Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

sold to a private collector some time ago. Over time, the collector sold off individual items from the collection, piece by piece, retaining only the highest-quality and most important material. We are thrilled to present that collection in the following pages. The items include two well-documented awards presented to Stovey, one for his outstanding 1883 season (the very Home Run award where fans left the number blank to be filled in later), and another presented in 1887 that was then described as the most elaborate and expensive award ever presented to a baseball player. The collection also includes Stovey’s lifetime pass, given to him just a year prior to his 1937 passing, along with a number of other tickets, passes and game invitations. Lastly is a lovely two-page letter written by Connie Mack, discussing Stovey’s base-stealing ability. Harry Stovey is undoubtedly one of the greatest players not currently enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The task of recognizing 19th Century players is a difficult one; just 20 or so players who performed substantially their entire careers before 1900 have been inducted to the Hall. The greatest home run hitter of his era and one of the greatest base stealers, Stovey’s name remained on the career home run list well into the Live Ball Era. He is, quite possibly, the game’s first “five tool” player, and one of the greatest yet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. ■

Lot 29: Harry Stovey’s Silver Lifetime Major League Pass in Original Box Minimum Bid: $500.00

Lot 30: April 11, 1907 Columbus Avenue Grounds Boston Doves Opening Day VIP Ticket Minimum Bid: $100.00

Lot 31: Harry Stovey’s Personal Invitation to the 1907 Boston

Americans Opening Day Minimum Bid: $200.00


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