Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

49 Stunning N162 Goodwin Champions King Kelly Original “Cut Card” Artwork by Tim Carroll The artwork of Tim Carroll is like nothing we can describe. Inspired by the hobby’s iconic cards, Carroll uses “junk era” baseball cards to recreate large-format mosaics in the designs of well-known (and far more valuable) baseball cards. Entirely self-taught, Carroll has become one of the better-known sports artists, his work in great demand for private commissions. His artwork has been featured by the Upper Deck company, in Be ckett Sports Monthly, a nd has been commissioned by the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball. In 2012, his piece “Change” was awarded the People’s Choice Award and placed second in the professional division of the 2012 SABR Jerry Malloy Negro League Art Competition. His practice of re- purposing valueless modern common cards by cutting them with scissors and using their various colors to remake classic cards is unique, and best viewed in person. Presented here is one of just two pieces Carroll has designed which utilize the format of the N162 Goodwin’s Champions design. In this case, the card of King Kelly (one of the most beautiful baseball cards ever created) has been reconstructed utilizing what appears to be primarily 1980s commons, the yellow, blue and white tones primarily constructed out of card backs, the fleshtones and shades re-created with actual faces of players cut from their baseball cards. The piece is framed to a finished size pf 20” x 32”, and can be viewed in several ways: at a distance, one sees a colorful, large- format recreation of the famous Kelly card. Upon moving closer, the viewer can clearly see the card is amosaic, comprised of various smaller components. At close inspection, however, one is presented with hundreds of card backs; biographical information, player names, statistics, and anecdotes - if you’re like us, reading the backs of baseball cards is a pastime that consumes hours at a time, and a Carroll piece is filled with trivia and memories of players long-past like Charlie Moore, Greg Minton, Craig Reynolds and Manny Trillo, all of whom have cards represented in this wonderful piece. A fascinating and unique work of art, a conversation piece as well as an aesthetically beautiful display, rendered like no sports artwork we have ever seen.

MINIMUM BID: $3,000.00


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