Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

207 Incredible 19th Century Footlocker with Joseph Hall New York Giants Cabinet and Other Rarities Incredible 19th Century wooden footlocker measuring approximately 15” x 10” x 8”. The well-worn wood is hiding some secrets inside,0 however: a host of rare baseball cards have been pasted to the inside of the lid! The cards are all well-worn - however, the most valuable of them all, an 1888 Joseph Hall New York Ball Club cabinet featuring Tim Keefe, Roger Connor, John Ward, Buck Ewing, Mickey Welch and more, is probably in the best condition. It does exhibit some paper loss at the edges and is peeling away from the inside of the lid, but could probably be professionally removed and perhaps restored. But that’s not all. The box lid also contains the following: 1) 1886-88 N690 Kalamazoo Bats: Danny Richardson. The Kalamazoo bats ad at the bottom has been trimmed away, and a split in the wood has also unfortunately split the card, resulting in some paper loss throughout. The image has faded as well. 2) 1887 N172 Old

Judge (8 cards): Dan Brouthers (HOF - the best condition of all the N172s in the lid, poor condition with some edge trimming but wiith a clear image); Elmer Smith (poor condition, torn in half with significant paper loss and a trimmed bottom border), Pat Deasley (poor, torn in half with significant paper loss and a trimmed bottom border), John Ward (HOF - poor condition, torn at the top thanks to the wood separating), Billy Sunday (poor, torn in half with the bottom border trimmed), George Pinkney (poor condition, significantly faded and trimmed at the bottom, also torn in half), plus two additional cards that we cannot identify due to names being trimmed and excessive fading. Both are in poor condition. 3) Miscellaneous Actress cards (5): all in poor condition. The footlocker itself is well-worn and scratched throughout, the wood at the lid has split, and the locking latch has been removed from the top of the lid. Still, an extremely interesting 19th Century piece with the remnants of some valuable baseball cards inside, including a recoverable 1888 Joseph Hall cabinet.

MINIMUM BID: $750.00

Fall 2018 Premier Auction – Closes November 24, 2018


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