Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

218 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter Mike “King” Kelly (HOF) - SGC EX 5 MINIMUM BID: $300.00

220 Extremely Rare 1887 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes Con Daily “Anonymous” Card - No Name On Front - SGC FAIR 1.5 In a card set as large and varied as the N172 Old Judge issue, there’s bound to be an error somewhere. That’s what seems to have happened with this rare card, which depicts Boston catcher/outfielder Cornelius “Con” Daily. The card was produced without any player or team identification, the “Boston” that appears on Daily’s breast in properly identified examples of this card missing from his jersey. The result is a rare variation, an “anonymous” player in a set where the manufacturers paid extensive attention to detail. The card grades FAIR 1.5 due to a slight crease or tear at the right edge, but the quality of the image is clear and crisp, well-centered against clean borders. An interesting and rare N172 variation.

219 Spectacular 1887 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes Ed Beatin - SGC VG 3 MINIMUM BID: $150.00

MINIMUM BID: $500.00


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