Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

442 1912 Zeenut PCL Partial Set (121/159) Including Dave Bancroft Rookie Card Grouping of 121 different cards from the 1912 Zeenut PCL set, including the first card of Hall of Famer Dave Bancroft. The 1912 Zeenut issue is just the second from that company, a widely sought-after issue due to scarcity and the beauty of the card images. The current issue of the Standard Catalog notes 159 cards in the checklist, though new and uncatalogued examples are occasionally discovered. Of this group, at least ten of the cards contain the Zeenut redemption offer on the reverse, though paper remnants from scrapbook removal obscure many of the backs, making it impossible to ascertain whether any of those cards contain the redemption. This is definitely a collector-grade grouping, though many appear far stronger than the technical grade - the aforementioned paper remnants are present on many of the cards, with others containing writing on the reverse, surface abrasions or paper loss on the front. Approximately 5% of the cards grade VG or better, with 14% GOOD, 48% FAIR, and 33% lesser. Approximately 23 of

the cards have the factory hole-punch cancellation commonly found with this issue. The collection consists of the following: Ables, Agnew, Altman, Arellanes, Auer, Baker, Bancroft (HOF RC - POOR condition with significant creasing), Baum, Bayless, Berger, Berry, Bohen, Boles, Brackenridge, Brashear, Brooks, Brown, Burrell, Butler, Byram, Carlisle, Carson, Castleton, Chadbourne, Chech, Cheek, Christian, Cook, Core, Corhan, Coy, Daley, Dillon, Doane, Driscoll, Durbin, Fanning, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Frick, Gaddy, Gedeon, Gilligan, Girot, Gray, Gregory, Hamilton, Harkness, Hartley, Heitmuller, Henley, Hetling, Hiester, Higginbottom, Hitt, Hoffman, Hogan, Hosp, Howard, Howley, Ireland, Jackson, Johnson, Klawitter, Knight, Koestner, Krueger, La Longe, Leard, Leverenz, Lewis, Litschi, Lober, Madden, Mahoney, Malarkey, Martinoni, McArdle, McCorrey, McCreedie, McDonald, McDowell, McIver, Meikle, Metzger, Miller, Mitze, Mohler, Mundorf (batting), Mundorf (fielding), Nagle, Noyes, O’Rourke, Page, Parkins, Patterson (Oakland), Patterson (Vernon), Pope, Powell, Price, Raftery, Rapps (no “P”), Rapps (“P”), Rodgers, Rohrer, Schmidt, Sharpe, Sheehan, Shinn, Slagle, Smith, Stinson, Stone, Swain, Taylor, Tiedeman, Toner, Tozer, Van Buren, Whalen, Williams, Zacher. 121 cards total. MINIMUM BID: $1,500.00


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