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Grade 80 Lifting Chain & Fittings WINCHLINE ROPE (UHMwPE)

Donaghys Winchline is made from high strength UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) fibres which have a very low elongation of 4% at break, and a tenacity of up to 15 times that of steel rope. Donaghys Winchline is eight times lighter and 70% stronger than steel wire rope. Coated with Donaghys Armorcoat, this winchline rope braid has high abrasion resistance and can be customised with covers and fittings to suit specific applications.



// Winchline Rope (UHMwPE)

It’s very light density allows the rope to float and it is very easy to handle in comparison to wire alternatives.


// Mongoose Heavy Duty Recovery Strops


// Mooring Rope

Range available: 1mm to 96mm. Sold by the metre.


// General Purpose Fibre Ropes

Features • 8 x Lighter and 70% stronger than steel wire rope



Silver PE and Mono Rope



Nylon Rope

•  Low stretch



Polyester Rope

• Unique pink colour for safety

•  High UV resistance



Sisal Rope

• Floats and does not absorb water



Manila Rope

• High internal and external abrasion resistance


// Synthetic Fibre Ropes

• Virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure



Superfilm Rope

• Non rotational



Aquatec Rope

• Coated with Donaghys Armorcoat to reduce friction and abrasion •  High performance abrasion/heat resistant jackets available on request.

As a steel wire replacement Donaghys winchline is lighter, safer and stronger - for mining applications, industries and marine.

Applications • Vehicle rescue line or winch line

• Logging applications

•  Towing line

•  Pulling/stringing lines.

Stretch vs Break Load

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