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As we move into March and finally shake off the cold, Atlanta comes to life. Events start popping up all over the city, pedestrians shuck off their jackets, and maybe best of all, our trees regain their leaves, covering the city in shade and vibrant green. As the dogwoods bloom and people start to enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer, I’m reminded why I started my firm and family here in the first place. Why I Love Atlanta

“Our firm continues to expand, and

I’m sure every Atlantan will agree that this is a special place. It can be difficult to put your finger on what animates these busy streets in such a compelling way. For me, it’s the tension between the city, the rolling landscape, and the literal forest that permeates the entire area. Atlanta may be huge, but it’s not all concrete and drab architecture. Instead, there’s life humming everywhere you look. As with any metropolis, the city has its challenges, but it’s a hopeful place of constant growth and possibility for many of its residents. The city has certainly provided many opportunities for our firm. As we’ve steadily enmeshed ourselves in the community and done everything we can to help anyone who comes through our doors, the community

has given back in turn. As a result, our firm continues to expand, and we’ve been able to help more people every year. This article might seem like an ad for Atlanta, but lately I’ve just been struck by how lucky I am to live in this city. It’s such a diverse, complex place, with some

we’ve been able to help more people every year.”

of the best people in the world. I feel privileged to serve its many residents, ensuring that those who are hurt and in need of justice get the compensation they deserve.

I was born in New Orleans and moved to northern Georgia at an early age. While I may not be an Atlanta native, it certainly feels like it’s my city by now. After all, it’s the place where I’ve raised my kids and established a successful practice. I deliberately moved here, and I continue to enjoy the balance of the big-city atmosphere and the small-town feel.

—Bryce Angell

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