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Fusion Tech Innovation Center

Prove your process before you buy in our new state-of- the-art Innovation Center. We designed this new facility to replicate a full scale food processing plant, giving you the training, data, and testing space you need to scale up your operation with confidence. Whether you’re testing how our equipment handles your product, attending a meat processing short course, or rent- ing the facility to perform your own research and develop- ment without a capital expenditure, the FTIC is the place to prove your process.

Equipment Demonstrations Try our equipment before your buy, either in person or by shipping your product to us to test for you. Videos and pictures available.

Research & Development Prove your process, develop a new product line or recipe without the need for a capital expenditure. Staffing facilities included.

Learn more about the Fusion Tech Innovation Center or schedule a time to visit at

Employee Trainings Train your staff on Fusion Tech equipment or attend a meat processing short course. Private tests and trainings available.

Meat Processing Short Courses Through a combination of classroom sessions and hands- on experience, your key people can learn the ins-and-outs of various meat processing applications. Improve yields, reduce processing time, and improve your product with our short courses. Register today at



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