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TAKING CARE OF THOSE WE SERVE The Best of Intentions With Racquel Henry-Burke

I started my career in the financial industry shortly before moving to the hospitality industry. After working in hospitality for a couple of years, an opportunity opened up at JMMB. I went after it, and after 12 years with JMMB, you can absolutely call it a success! I am grateful to be in a place where I can genuinely influence people’s lives and do it through a company such as JMMB. Today, I serve as an administrator of the personal portfolio department. Long story short, I am here for the JMMB team to offer administrative support. I also assist the department’s sales team with various sales efforts. JMMB is a truly remarkable company, as many have shared over the past several months. JMMB is a company that gives me space to be open and honest — and where I am confident to say what I believe is working and what isn’t. In doing so, JMMB allows me and my team to be our best selves. I can take care of myself, which puts me in the best possible position to take care of those we serve. Without a doubt, my favourite aspect of the job is each of the relationships I have developed over the years with clients and with my colleagues. Many of my team members have started to feel like family. Together, we share the ups and the downs. Just knowing that I am part of a group whose overall objective is to have a positive impact on our clients, and to have a holistic understanding of their financial well-being, is nothing short of incredible.

Of course, one thing that gives me immense satisfaction is that I am able to develop deep and lasting relationships with clients. Our clients come from all walks of life. They have seen and experienced things that often leave me astonished. And to have a client comfortable enough to have a conversation about their life beyond finances or investing means so much. I have had many, many wonderful and profound conversations with my clients. When I am not working with clients or our team, you can find me at home, cozying up with my family for a movie. Really, that’s as good as it gets! I am also a bit of a reader and enjoy a classic Victorian-era novel, but for the most part, a lot of my reading is in the form of news. Between Loop, The New York Times and The Washington Post, I keep myself well occupied. I am also looking forward to the new year and whatever opportunities or changes that God wills for my life. I have made a resolution to not quickly judge other people’s actions and intentions — that is, I will not jump to conclusions. Instead, I am working on changing that habit. I will come from the perspective that, unless proven otherwise, we all have good intentions within our hearts.

–Racquel Henry-Burke


876 403 9550

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JMMB at a Glance

Meet Peter Thompson

As the senior investment manager for pensions and client portfolios, you could say a lot rests on Peter Thompson’s shoulders. Peter leads in the design, development and maintenance of the Group Investment Management Architecture. In other words, he’s here to make sure JMMB’s strategic objectives are met and that risk levels stay inside the agreed limits — something that’s not just important within JMMB, but to our clients, as well.

Across the financial industry, risk is an ever-present factor of investing and money management. And after 15 years in the financial industry, Peter maintains his passion for the investment world. He loves the atmosphere — an atmosphere defined by the people of JMMB and the clients who have come to rely on our products and services. At the end of the day, if Peter has helped a client achieve an individual goal, he knows he’s made a difference in person’s life. The day is even better if he spots an asset that is undervalued and he can add it to client portfolios, so our clients can, in turn, reap the benefits.

You can reach Peter at 564 0593.

Contact Your Personal Portfolio Manager:

1. Alaine Samuels – 551 7739 2. Gillian Bernard – 550 8020 3. Mark Gilzeane – 552 4586 4. Melissa McKenzie – 552 4666 5. Nicole Henry-Dewar – 469 2704 6. Racquel Henry-Burke – 403 9550 7. Ian Belcher (RBO) – 551 0521 8. Joan Edwards – 877 5512

When it comes to portfolio management, Peter oversees the development and implementation of investment strategies. He gets a top-level view so he can keep strategy consistent with risk tolerance.




Investment Type

Fixed rate secured notes


Zodiac Caribbean Investments Limited

Purchaser Currency


US $


7.25 percent p.a. fixed

Payment of Principal & Interest

Interest payable quarterly. Principal due at maturity in USD.


Five (5) years US $10,000.00

Minimum Purchase

Offer Volume

US $5,000,000.00

Issue Date

On or about January 9, 2018

Maturity Date

January 2023 Taxed at source


Purpose Security

To refinance existing debt

Secured by Zodiac’s ownership in Supreme Ventures Limited plus assignment of all dividends.

Offer is based on

First come, first served

TRIVIA 1. WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR PERSONAL PORTFOLIO MANAGER? a. Mark Gilzeane b. Melissa McKenzie c. Gillian Bernard d. Nicole Henry-Dewar e. Alaine Samuels f. Racquel Henry-Burke


3. HOWMANY CEOS HAS JMMB HAD? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four

4. T OR F? IN DEC 2017, JMMB WON THE FOLLOWING 7 AWARDS FROM THE JAMAICA STOCK EXCHANGE: 1. The Governor General Award for Excellence 2. Member Dealers Award – Overall Winner 3. Dealers Awards, Investor Relations 4. Member Dealers Award, Expansion of Investors and Listed Companies base



Practices Award, Corporate Disclosure and Investor Relations

c. Keith Duncan d. Dr Noel Lyon


Best Practices Award, Annual Report


PSOJ/JSE Corporate Governance Award – first runner up


876 704 3734

JMMB Limited ATTN: Joan Edwards 23 Phoenix Avenue Kingston 10 Jamaica

876 704 3734 |

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2 Festivals Happening This January pg 4





Jan. 28, 29 and 30 Montego Bay

Saturday, Jan. 6

9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Accompong Maroon Village

After taking a year off, the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival is set to make its return! It’s several days of the best in music, from jazz to R&B! Events take place all around Montego Bay, but the main events can be found at Greenfield Stadium in Trelawny.

Celebrate the lives and heritage of the Maroons of western Jamaica. Immerse yourself in traditional song,

dance, food and ceremony. This event marks 279 years since the signing of the peace treaty between the Maroons and the British in 1739.


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