Summary of Proposed Bylaw Changes


The Membership


House Committee


March 14, 2018

The House Committee has enclosed the proposed new Bylaw sections to be considered by the voting members at the March 28th Annual Meeting at Ridgewood. We have worked on the Bylaws over the past year, culminating into the first comprehensive bylaws revision in over 20 years. To help put these changes in context, we have prepared the following list explaining (by section number) what the committee intended to do. For further detail please review the additional document enclosed. This document extracts each proposed section and describes the changes to be made. Words in red are proposed to be deleted. Words in blue are additions. The proposed amendments have been reviewed by our club attorney, the House Committee and the Board of Directors. Under our current Bylaws these amendments must be approved by a vote of the majority of the members present (including proxies) at the annual meeting to be effective. A complete copy of the Bylaws with these changes is also available for your review on the website. To view the bylaws log into, navigate to “My Club”, under “Latest News” click on “Annual Shareholders’ Meeting”. Printed copies of the bylaw proposals will also be available at the receptionist desk upon request. Members are encouraged to read these changes ahead of the meeting.

Section 2.1

Members can vote only if “in Good Standing”, which is defined in new Section 8.18.

We are using a new defined term “Full Privilege Voting Member” (having the same rights as current shareholders who have the right to vote). We are proposing other members called Full-Privilege Non- Voting Members as a part of Corporate Memberships who don’t have the right to vote, but otherwise enjoy full privileges. This new definition of “Full Privilege Voting Members” is used throughout the new Bylaws. Sections having the only change of adding “Full- Privilege” before “Voting Member” have not been copied.

Makes clear suspended members or other members not in good standing cannot vote.

Ends definition of “Surviving Spouse status.” We keep the exact same function. Upon death of a spouse the surviving spouse assumes the same right to the share without the designation of “surviving spouse.” It is automatic if the spouse wants the membership.

Added the word “member” to make better sense.

2.4.5-2.4.7 These sections dealing with corporate membership were deleted. To


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