Empowering Change in Kenya

We are grateful for your generous support of our WE Villages programming in Kenya. Together, we are empowering families and communities with the tools and resources to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future. This remarkable change wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank You

“We love our classrooms! They are more modern compared to the ones we used to have.” - Vicky

Over100communitymemberscametogether tocelebratethesuccessful completion of an 850 metre extension of their water connection.

“My eyesight has improved and I can see clearly now. I am able to work on my farm the whole day to support my family.” - Simon

“By joining this farm, I have been able to improve my farming and now I am able to feed my family better.” - Bicoty

With Caroline’s loan, she was able to buy two cows and chickens, and she earns supplementary income from selling the milk and eggs.

Together We Can Change the World

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