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January 2019

A Life-Changing Situation When My New Year’s Resolution Ended Abruptly

The new year has begun, and that means people are thinking about setting and accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions. This time of year is often busy in the office — most people have gone to see family over the holidays and are now thinking and planning for the future — including getting their affairs in order with a comprehensive estate plan. In contrast, I have an entirely different perspective on New Year’s resolutions because of a life- changing experience I had last year. Last January, my New Year’s resolution totally backfired. My goal was to get into shape, and I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about it on that first day of the year. I hired a personal trainer to motivate and encourage me to reach the goals I set for myself. However, only four days into fulfilling my resolution, my trainer incorrectly set up a piece of workout equipment that I was using. The machine is similar to a leg press, except that this one is mechanized, so there’s a motor that provides resistance as you push against it. You don’t have any control over the machine once it starts going; you’re just resisting the motor. My trainer set it up, and I started using it. Then, my knee locked up. The machine didn’t stop. It just kept going and inverted my knee. I had to undergo surgery, which I did the following Friday and, instead of taking time off, I was back in the office giving two estate planning presentations for our Weatherford clients on Tuesday. Even though I put on a tough face, I was not able to do much of anything physically for months — I was in a wheelchair or on crutches for a large portion of my recovery. My life went from being mobile and independent to being completely dependent and needing a lot of

that other people go through, but it’s different when you experience it yourself. The accident changed my New Year’s resolution perspective. Mine didn’t work out too well, and from that came the newfound realization about how quickly things can change in the blink of an eye. This year, my resolution is to appreciate life and the people in it. I think it’s important that you never take the time you spend with your family or loved ones for granted. My daughter recently left for college, and things have been awfully quiet at home, but whenever the chance comes, we spend time together as a family. Maximize the time you have together, make memories, and live your life to the fullest — that’s my resolution for 2019!

help on a daily basis. Nevertheless, I love what I do, helping people put their perfect estate plan in place, and I knew my clients and staff needed me. I didn’t give up on our clients and, with the help of all of the amazing people who make up Thomas-Walters Estate Planning, I didn’t stop working — I never missed a day. The experience was life-changing. It was amazing how one minute, you’re fine and the next, you’re not. Everyone says “Live in the moment,” but until something happens, you don’t take it seriously. Even now, a year later, I’m still feeling the brunt of my injury. I can’t feel portions of my leg and have constant pain in my leg and foot. That won’t change. I won’t ever be the same as I was before the injury. However, I know a lot of people, including our clients, have personal and family situations that are a lot more severe and significant than my own. You always hear about life-changing events

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