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Hyperlocal Advertising for the Broad Modern Business Marketing Starts Right Next Door

Whether you’re the CEO of a major tech-savvy corporation or a freelancer, your eyes should be set on your next marketing move in this digital age. While spinning signs on sidewalks and flying banners from the backs of airplanes may be considered staples of public

ads to potential customers within a 5-mile radius during the hours they are most likely to be hungry, on their lunch breaks, or when they are otherwise free to stop in for a bite to eat. Alternatively, a major car dealership in a metropolitan area could target their potential audience by running ads during local professional sports games. So how does this work for YOUR business? It all depends on your desired campaign for your targeted region. Assuming you’re well-informed about your current demographics or the demographics you’re hoping to reach, there are several methods to effectively implement hyperlocal advertising tactics. By using GPS and IP addresses, you’ll be able to target ads to specific cities, streets, and even buildings by inputting their coordinates. After you’ve narrowed it down, you can choose which areas work best for your goals. A mechanic shop expanding to a new city may cast a wider net, while a high-end jeweler may target areas with higher incomes. With hyperlocal strategies, your advertisements can be catered on a variety of digital platforms, like social media, streaming services, and apps. These new-age technologies will give you more exposure and patronage for your ever-expanding business!

outreach to some, the tides are shifting to more targeted ways of

reaching your future clientele. Virtually any business can benefit from utilizing hyperlocal advertising and its many strategic facets.

Hyperlocal advertising refers to the process of hyperspecific or niche marketing campaigns implemented for a certain focus area. This can manifest in many comprehensive forms, depending on the specific needs of the business. A local mom and pop restaurant may choose to take advantage of hyperlocal advertising by sending

WIN $5,000! Introducing Our New Referral Contest

3. Mention us to a business you love and trust every day. You want them to stick around, and we know our cybersecurity systems have the power to protect them. 4. If you’re friends with business owners, we bet you’d love to see them succeed. Mention our services to them at your next meeting! 5. Have a loyal business-owner client of your own? This client already trusts you, and you know them well enough to know what they might need. Try all five of these options and you could potentially have five tickets in our drawing for $5,000. Those are odds that are worth your effort. Don’t forget, the clients you refer to us must sign on for our services for you to be entered, but regardless of if you win or not, you will still be hundreds of dollars richer. So, seriously, why haven’t you done this yet? Learn more about our raffle online at MicroTechBoise.com

Last month we introduced our new referral raffle contest and your chance to win some extra money. The concept is simple: If a customer you referred to us signs up for our services, you get $500 and one of our 15 raffle tickets for a chance to win $5,000. It’s that easy.

This month, we just have one question: What are you waiting for?

As we make our way through another new year, more business owners are looking for ways to upgrade their IT and processing systems. We wanted to find a way to thank the community for supporting us for the past 50 years, and that’s why we created a lucrative opportunity that takes minimal effort while also tapping into the needs of the business owners we serve. Based on that, here are some ideas to get you entered. 1. Do you see your supplier or delivery person on a regular basis? Use some business savvy to strike up a conversation about their equipment, and mention our services during your next shipment arrival. 2. Offer your own award based off of ours. If a business you referred signs on with us, offer them a prize from you!

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