2022 NCWM Newsletter, Issue #2

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NCWM NEWS National Conference on Weights and Measures

Chairman ’ s Column Ivan Hankins, NCWM Chairman — State of Iowa

2022 Issue 2

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Just look around and see all the new method of sale going on. Paying for a convenience without considering what exactly we are paying for. Consider e-commerce, buying things that display no weight or measure on their web site. No value comparison opportunities there! Electric vehicles…who’d have thought! Cannabis, no way! Yep, it is here. Try to be that inspector who sees this stuff coming down the pike, be the inspector who questions why, and how, and be the inspector who seeks solutions for the Sake of Equity! Get involved with the lawful ideas which will be used to meet future Weights & Measures issues. Get involved with your regional W&M associations with your ideas! Someone will hear you! Directors and Chiefs, you have a difficult task time, two! You are between your inspectors and your superior types. And if you have never been an inspector, you really don’t know what they deal with every day in the field. Listen to them, get involved and get a feel for what they do. Keep in mind that numbers are not conducive to a good inspection! They are, (I’m convinced) for auditors to look at and say you’re not getting enough inspections done. Be the leader who can keep balance on both sides and know the difference. Need I say Equity?! I had a division director once ask me “Ivan why do you have all the expensive toys and never seem to get anything done!?” Seriously! He and I did not speak the same language…

My wife and I like to go to junk shops to look for unusual and sometimes valuable (to me) things. Years ago, I found this little sign that said “There is no limit to what one can do if they don’t mind who gets the credit… The message is obvious, but sometimes hard to accept. Everyone likes to or wants to, be recognized for what they do. But often, it seems if you mention an idea, the next thing you know…someone else has used it and is the taking credit. Frustrating, as many of us know. I had to finally take the attitude, if the idea was mine, and it was used, and it worked …all the better. It must have been a good one! The only reason I bring this up, is because W&M inspectors have a lot of time to think and ponder new ideas while doing their inspections. We see things that are happening around us while we focus on gas pumps, or scales. We come up with an old idea we believe can be made better, or a new way of looking at old issues, because that’s just the way we’re programed. I realize some of us are happy going to work, collect our paycheck, keep our mouth shut, and go home. That’s good, even necessary for some of us, but there are others who crave knowledge in what we do, we seek more than the obvious, we want to learn, and then act.

NCWM Headquarters 1135 M Street, Suite 110 Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 P. 402.434.4880 F. 402.434.4878 E. info@ncwm.com W. www.ncwm.com Don Onwiler Executive Director Darrell Flocken NTEP Administrator Mike Manheim NTEP Specialist Allen Katalinic NTEP Evaluator Elisa Stritt Meeting Planner Sunday Koung Project Coordinator

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NCWM Welcomes New Members (4/23/2022 - 6/6/2022)

Chairman’s Column Continued

For far too long Weights & Measures has been under appreciated, underfunded, and under the stigma of weak mind and strong back regulators! It must be pointed out that we as regulators have a “duty” to insure Equity in the marketplace, all of us from the boss on down! So, it is necessary to speak the same language. What we do is one of the single most important jobs ever, from the Chief on to the inspector, and from the inspector to the Chief. It is as old as civilization itself. And it’s our duty, so have must have each other’s backs. While traveling to the different regions this year, I have met the future of Weights & Measures in this country, each region has a different but similar outlook for their duty to Equity. Will we ever be totally unified as W&M regulators across the country? That remains to be seen, but that is a goal we all should be considering as a priority. Old habits do die hard … We have accomplished the two thing that we set out to do this year. With the help of Constantine Cotsoratis, the Inspector Field Training Manual was a success, and is available on our web site: under “Training and Exams” or contact the NCWM office and request an actual handbook. Also, a big thank to David Sefcik and our partners at NIST for putting together the LP Survey. And most of all, the states and jurisdictions who participated in the actual execution of the project. The NIST Statisticians are putting the final figures together and the results will be forth coming. This was a big deal folks, and I personally THANK every one of you who were involved, thank you very much. And least I forget, the Board of Directors, the Chair is only as good as his support, you’re the best thank you all!

Lastly it has been a great privilege and honor to serve as Chairman of the National Conference on Weights & Measures. It is my hope that in the future the Conference will be the considered the single most authority for Weights & Measures in the USA, and that we and our partners, will be able to promote the importance of uniformity, and a simple concept… That Equity Shall Prevail! For the sake of Equity

Ivan Hankins, “Old Inspectors never die, They’re just placed ‘Out of Service’”- Ivan

“Legal for Trade” Defined In some ads, you may see the phrase “Legal for Trade”. This phrase is often misused even by many reputable dealers. Let’s be clear on this one. No scale is legal for trade until the regulatory authority says it’s legal for trade. Read more about the term “Legal for Trade” on the NCWM website

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NCWM-News 3

2022 Issue 2

2022 Issue 2

Thank You, NCWM LP Survey Ivan Hankins, NCWM Chairman - State of Iowa

NTEP Column If I Make a Design Change to

3. ADM-21.4, This is a house cleaning proposal to bring the VCAP Policy quality requirements up to date to the current ISO standard level. The VCAP Policy currently lists ISO 9001:2008, this proposal recommends updating the ISO reference to ISO 9001:2018. 4. ADM-21.5, this proposal has the largest impact on Manufacturers and Private Labels of NTEP-certified devices not currently listed in the VCAP Policy. Current VCAP Policy requirements state that VCAP compliance applies to all devices that are required to undergo Influence Factor Testing during the NTEP evaluation process. (Note: influence test consists of evaluating the performance of a device across a change in temperature or across a range of input voltages.) The adoption of this proposal will remove the limitation of VCAP compliance to those devices requiring influence factor testing and will apply the VCAP Policy to all device types. To learn more about the VCAP requirements, go to the NCWM Website at VCAP | National Conference on Weights & Measures (ncwm.com). 5. ADM-22.1, is a proposal to recognize the ability of a third party testing laboratory to become certified to perform influence testing on device samples as defined and required by VCAP Policy. The information provided is a summary of the actual proposal included in the NTEP Committee Agenda for the upcoming NCWM Annual Meeting in July and is only intended to make you aware of the possible changes to the VCAP Policy. The NTEP Committee encourages you to download a copy of the NTEP Committee Agenda from the Meetings link at www.ncwm.com/publication 16. After reviewing the complete proposal, please submit any comments, thoughts, or concerns you have related to any of the proposals to the undersigned or during the NTEP Committee Open Hearings during the NCWM Annual Meeting.

My NTEP Certified Device, Do I Need to Inform NTEP? Darrell Flocken, NTEP Administrator Proposed Changes to the Verified Conformity Assessment Program Policy This article is to bring to your attention several proposed changes to the Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP) Policy. These proposed changes, if adopted, may impact your VCAP compliance audit requirements. Following are the proposals that are currently published in the NTEP Committee Agenda and are open to your comments during the NTEP Committee Open Hearing at both the NCWM Annual and Interim Meetings. 1. ADM-21.1, this proposal is a recommendation to add Multiple Dimensioning Measuring Devices and Grain Analyzers to the current list of seven device types. If you currently hold a Manufacturer or Private Label Certificate of Conformance for any of the seven devices, you are familiar with the VCAP requirements and understand the change this proposal would make if adopted. If you are holding a Manufacturer or Private Label Certificate of Conformance for either one of these proposed new additions, this proposal, if adopted, will require you to comply with current VCAP requirements. (Note: the VCAP requirements do not apply to software-only applications.) To learn more about the VCAP requirements, go to the NCWM Website at VCAP | National Conference on Weights & Measures (ncwm.com). 2. ADM-21.3, is a proposal to require all 2nd party auditors to be certified by NTEP to perform VCAP audits. While this does not directly impact Manufacturers and Private Label certificate holders, its adoption will create a more consistent level of compliance auditing.

Hi Everyone! I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere ap- preciation to everyone involved in the NCWM National Survey on 20 LB Cylinders of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane). I wish to thank them on behalf of the NCWM, as well David Sefcik from NIST, Office of Weights and Measures, who helped assist us in this effort. For the last three months we have been conducting this study to gather information to present to the Depart- ment of Transportation (DOT), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). The efforts of officials across the country in providing this survey data will show the economic impact on the consumer, as well as industry, due to the expansion of the tare weight tolerances between the stamped tare weight and the actual tare weight, based on DOT’s proposed rule (49 CRF 178.35) that goes into effect December 28, 2022. NCWM plans to petition DOT to get the rule repealed. As you know, or as you may have learned, we in the Weights & Measures (W&M) community have main- tained a plus and minus 0.5 % for tolerance on tare weight for 20 lb cylinders. The consideration asked for by the Compressed Gas Association to the DOT that initiated this change, was for a minus 3% and plus 1% tolerance. I truly believe this was an unintentional over- site by the DOT, because they had no prior information of the potential economic impact. Everyone needs to know their time spent on this proj- ect was a “shot in the arm” for Equity, and for Weights & Measures in America! Our national survey revealed other issues in the industry, opportunities to improve the method of sale, and use of improper equipment, just to name a few. Again, NCWM and NIST owe our survey participants many thanks and gratitude! Speaking of NIST, this could not have been accom- plished without their expertise. They played a key role in assisting NCWM in the planning, development, and implementation of the survey, not to mention the training they provided. NIST will also be providing NCWM with a statistical analysis of the survey data and aims to have

a full report published by the end of summer, so you all can see the fruit the labor! As Chairman of the NCWM, and For the Sake of Equity, I am so impressed and thankful for the Weights & Mea- sures personnel that we have across the United States. Their duty has not gone unnoticed… I just wish it was in my power to give them all a rai$e!!! That would be nice, wouldn’t it! And to the Administrators, Chiefs & Directors who sup- ported this effort, please know that you have some of the finest W&M personnel at your disposal and thank you for letting them participate in the survey and allow- ing them to do their thing. It’s their duty… and it is all For the Sake of Equity! Sincerely,

Ivan D. Hankins, Chairman NCWM Iowa Department of Agriculture

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4 NCWM-News

NCWM-News 5

2022 Issue 2

2022 Issue 2


Coming Up!



107 th NCWM Annual Meeting July 10 - 14, 2022 | Tacoma, Washington

The Annual Meeting is the high point of our year where all the hard work pays off. At this meeting, stakeholders will debate important proposals to amend the United States standards for weights and measures. When the debating is done, the votes will be cast. Our committees have their work cut out for them with some very full and diverse agendas. Committee reports will be available at: www.ncwm.com/publication-16

Manufacturer readily available engineering support

MEETING LOCATION Hotel Murano 1320 Broadway Plaza Tacoma, WA 98402

1 st STOP for Direct OEM & Scale Service Solutions

Group Rate: $126, Prevailing Government Per Diem (2022 Reservation Discount Deadline: June 17 th , 2022 Click here to make your online reservation! EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor Mr. Ivan Hankins from the State of Iowa. The reception will be Sunday, July 10 th , at 5:30 p.m. Dress is business casual. This year’s special event will be at the Le’May - America’s Car Museum! If you a car fanatic you will enjoy this impessive collection of cars, that has been recognized in MSN’s 10 Best Automotive Museum worldwide. If cars are not your thing, you can look forward to enjoying the delisous food served throughout the exhibit. - Read more in our Brochure

Anyload LLC. Building 6 Unit# 30R 1275 Bloomfield Avenue Fairfield, NJ 07004 US A

Anyload Weigh & Measure Inc. 6855 A ntrim Ave nu e, Burnaby , BC V5 J 4 M5 Canada

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NCWM-News 7

2022 Issue 2

2022 Issue 2

Safety Column The Danger Zone of Familiarity Ron Armstrong - NW Tank & Environmental Services, Inc.


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2022 May

2023 NCWM Interim Meeting January 8 - 11 | Savannah, Georgia

If you’ve ever worked the same job or had the same type of work for any number of years, then you’ve probably become quite familiar with the in’s and out’s of the details of your job and the protocols to perform your work. It makes your job that much easier when you have a good knowledge of what you are doing. It also puts you in the danger zone of familiarity when it comes to working with the priority of safety on your mind. You and I can become so familiar with our work that safety takes a back seat. After all, we know what we’re doing. We’ve done it for years and nothing has gone wrong. But it’s in that split second, when our guard is down, everything can change. I remember my wood shop teacher back in my school days, who had been working with wood and powered saws for years. One day when carrying out a routine cut, ran his hand through a table saw and lost several fingers. He probably never imagined that it would happen to him. He’d done it for years without incident. He was familiar with the table saw. He knew its potential danger. But at that moment, his mind wasn’t on safety; it was getting that particular piece of wood cut correctly.

If you are in a position where you’ve become familiar with your day- to-day tasks, then know this; you’ve entered the danger zone of familiarity. It’s going to take greater conscious effort on your part to stay alert to the potential safety risks around you. In fact, stop right now and think through the potential risks associated with your job and what you need to do to prevent injury to yourself and others.

CWMA Annual Meeting Bismark, North Dakota May 23 - 26 June NEWMA Annual Meeting Newark, New Jursey June 13 -16 July 107 th NCWM Annual Meeting Tacoma, Washington NTEP Grain Meeting Kansas City, Missouri August 10 NTEP Belt/ Weighing Meeting Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 16 - 18 September NTEP Measuring Meeting TBD September 21 - 22 July 10 - 14 August WWMA Annual Meeting Garden Grove, California Sept. 25 - 29 October SWMA Annual Meeting Releigh, North Carolina October 9 - 12

The Interim Meeting is the time of the year where proposals are brought forth for discussion. At this meeting, stakeholders will discuss important proposals to amend the United States standards for weights and measures. When open hearings are finished, committees will deliberate and report the status of each item. Our committees will have their work cut out for them with some very full and diverse agendas. Committee agendas will be available at: www.ncwm.com/publication-15

In another incident, I received word of a family we know, whose son was in a terrible accident. He’s been an underwater photographer for years in Hawaii. His family has always held concern for his safety swimming near sharks. There is definitely an element of danger in such a position. But it wasn’t a shark attack, it was the propeller of a boat. He’s now fighting for his life. Maybe you know someone or even yourself, who experienced an injury doing something that you or they have done for years without any problems whatsoever. I wonder how many of you could write a paragraph in this article having had this same experience or knowing someone who has. When we become so familiar with what we are doing, our muscle memory takes over and we lose that state of safety consciousness. Even though we’ve conducted the same task over and over again, it’s as though we need to approach every task as if it is the first time. We need to have a renewed respect for the tools that we are using and awareness of the potential risks in the tasks that we are performing.

MEETING LOCATION Hayatt Regency Savannah Two W Bay St. Savannh, GA, 31401

Statistics tell us that there is a greater potential for injury or incident the more familiar you are in your position than someone who isn’t. That’s because most people have entered the danger zone of familiarity without even knowing it. Don’t let it be you!

Group Rate: Prevailing 2022 Government Per Diem Reservation Discount Deadline: Decemer 15th, 2022

EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor Mr. Mahesh Albuquerque from the State of Colorado. The reception will be Sunday, January 8 th , at 5:30 p.m. Dress is business casual .

Ron Armstrong Safety Officer Northwest Tank & Environmental Services Inc.

Register Online today at www.ncwm.com/events-detail/2023-interim-GA

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2022 Issue 2

NCWM-News 9

2022 Issue 2



Package Checking WinWam Package Checking Software is designed for W&M officials and quality assurance professionals to perform standard and random inspections in accordance with NIST Handbook 133. WinWam Package Checking Software guides you through the inspection process. Error, MAV, Cost Error are calculated for each test. Color displays allow easy identification of Pass Fail or Gray Areas. Some of the features include:

Device Inspection WinWam Device Inspection Software is designed to perform and record Handbook 44 inspections WinWam Device Inspection Software supports all devices specified in Handbook 44 including but not limited to: scales, (apothecary, computing, livestock, shipping, vehicles, etc.) meters, LP Gas, LMD, linear devices, timing devices, etc. Whether acceptance or maintenance WinWam calculates tolerances for nearly all tests.

One Tool: # 1 Inspection Software WinWam Software There is only one Software product that addresses all of your Weights & Measures Inspection needs. That tool is WinWam Software. WinWam Software is a collection of four powerful modules, which can be purchased separately or together. All of the Weights & Measure modules have been built to perform inspections in accordance with NIST regulations. One Tool and # 1 Inspection Software. WinWam is the most widely used Weights & Measures inspection software on the market. Currently, thirty-one (31) states have purchased WinWam, along with numerous county and city governments.

WinWam Device Inspection Software provides a comprehensive

▪ Category A & B Sampling Plans ▪ Automatically Calculates MAV’s Normal USDA Standard, USDA Fluid, Bark Mulch, Polyethylene Sheeting ▪ Allow variations due to moisture loss ▪ Calculates SEL and Standard Deviation ▪ Dynamically calculates Rc/Rt for tare ▪ Calculates conversion factors for volume inspections ▪ Calculates Cost Error, Average Error, Average Cost Error % Error

database of business establishments with a complete inventory of devices. Full detail inspection data allows management the ability to better measure economic impact of the W&M program.

Price Verification WinWam Price Verification Software is designed in accordance with NIST Handbook 130. The Software runs standalone or with a handheld scanner. Software calculates error, lot cost error, net dollar error and calculates Over / Under Ratio. Accommodates Intentional Under-charge and Not On File.

Hypertext Handbooks Hypertext Handbooks are a collection of on-line reference manuals in which the user can view government regulations, search on a particular topic and print any part of the handbook with the touch of a button.

2022 Hypertext Handbooks available now!

Nover Engelstein & Associates, Inc. Developers and sole source providers of WinWam Software 3000 Atrium Way, Suite 2203 Mount Laurel NJ 08054 phone: (856) 273-6988 web-site: www.winwam.com e-mail: sales@winwam.com

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2022 Issue 2

NCWM-News 11

2022 Issue 2

NTEP Quick Guide What is an NTEP Certificate of Conformance (CC)? • Issued by NCWM upon successful of evaluation of a device. • Indicates the device tested is capable of meeting applicable Handbook 44 standards.

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Employment Opportunities NCWM is proud to serve the weights and measures community, both private and public sectors, by listing employment opportunities. Any organization that maintains memberships with NCWM may request positions be posted online for public viewing at: www.ncwm.com/employment-opportunities If you wish to post employment opportunity information, please send inquiries to: info@ncwm.com

NTEP Approved vs. Legal for Trade

NTEP Approved: The evaluation demonstrated the device is capable of meeting Handbook 44 standards. Legal for Trade: Inspector has verified the device can be used as installed. What does an evaluation cost? All application fees are due at the time the application is submitted to NCWM. Applications will remain on hold until all funds are received. This fee is non-refundable. Excludes: Non-Technical Editorial Change, Private Label, Reactivation, and Sale of Company applications .

Anyload LLC Coti Global Sensors WinWam Software

Thank you for your support of NCWM!

NCWM Member Rate: $ 800 Non-Member Rate: $ 1,200

In addition, there are fees issue by the NTEP Authorized Laboratories listed at: www.ncwm.com/obtain-ntep-certification (under “Fees”)

How long does an evaluation take? It varies with the type of device and any backlog that may exist in the laboratory. If deficiencies are found and/or modifications must be made, the evaluation will be discontinued. What does active certificate status mean? The devices are being manufactured or remanufactured for commercial application under and NTEP Certificate of Conformance. The CC is in force and all fees are paid. What does inactive certificate status mean? A NTEP Certificate of Conformance (which was previously active) but the devices are no longer being manufactured for commercial applications subject to local regulations or laws. Devices already manufactured, installed or in inventory, but not yet sold, may be used, sold, repaired and resold under inactive CC’s.

More information can be found online at: www.ncwm.com/obtain-ntep-certification www.ncwm.com/ntep-faqs

National Conference on Weights and Measures “That Equity May Prevail”

National Conference on Weights and Measures / National Type Evaluation Program 1135 M Street, Suite 110 Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 P. 402.434.4880 F. 402.434.4878 E. info@ncwm.com W. www.ncwm.com

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2022 Issue 2

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