January - 2018

Available 8 JANUARY


DIE 103 Cutting Dies ‘Autumn Promenade’ (Dimensions: 4x4.2cm - 3x3cm - 3x2.7cm - 7x3.8cm - 4.5x3cm) AU$25.00 - NZ$30.00 - These dies are made to work with the stamps

TAM 0048 Large stamp set ‘Autumn Promenade’ (14x18cm) AU$35.00 - NZ$42.00 -

TAM 561 Mini-stamp set ‘Autumn Promenade’ (9.5x14cm) AU$28.50 - NZ$34.20 -

2 | Catalogue d’automne AZZA & IZZY 2017


GAB 275 Texture stencil Duo ‘Autumn Promenade’ (15x10.5cm) AU$16.50 - NZ$19.80 -

GAB 1308 Decoration stencil duo ‘Autumn Promenade’ (15x10.5cm) AU$15.00 - NZ$18.00 -

PAP 0033 Printed Papers Pack ‘Autumn Promenade’ (A4 - 8 pages - 4x2 motifs - Double-sided 90gr) AU$9.90 - NZ$12.90 -

EMB 032 Embossing Folder ‘Autumn Promenade’ (A6) AU$12.00 - NZ$14.40 -

TAM 761 Micro-stamp ‘Autumn Countryside’ (6.5x6.5cm) AU$9.90 - NZ$11.90 -



Available 8 JANUARY

‘Mosaic ‘


This kit contains a fully illustrated 20-page booklet (FR-EN-DE), containing tips and ideas to make decorative scenes with the products in the kit, to illustrate your scrap pages and cards. All the products are sold separately with the exception of the booklet. Presented in an A4 velcro pouch.

KIT 3011 Kit AZZA Theme ‘Mosaic’ AU$70.00 - NZ$84.00 -

TAM 566 Mini stamp set ‘Mosaic’ (9.5x14cm) AU$28.50 - NZ$34.20 -

TAM 0049 Large Stamp set

‘Mosaic’ (14x18cm) AU$35.00 - NZ$42.00 -

DIE 106 Cutting dies (2) ‘In-and-out Frames ‘Mosaic’ (Dimensions: 14x14cm and 10.5x10.5cm) AU$49.00 - NZ$58.80 -

GAB 277 Texure stencil duo ‘Mosaic’ (15x10,5cm) AU$16.50 - NZ$19.80 -

EMB 031 Embossing Folder ‘Mosaic’ (A6) AU$12.00 - NZ$14.40 -

4 | Catalogue d’automne AZZA & IZZY 2017

TAM 762 Micro stamp ‘Mosaic’ (6.5x6.5cm) AU$9.90 - NZ$11.90 -

PAP 0041 Printed Papers set ‘Mosaic’ (A4 - 8 pages - 4x2 motifs - double-sided- 90gr) AU$9.90 - NZ$11.90

PAP 260 Printed Sketches sheet ‘Mosaic’ (A4 - 250gr) AU$3.50 - NZ$4.20 -

The self--adhesive cork sheets were intorduced into therange in December. These work very well with the mosaic products - use them in the die-cut machine to give a special backing effect.



PAP 1076 Silhouette Figures ‘Mosaic’ (18x12cm) AU$9.90 - NZ$11.90

PAP 0103 Self adhesive sheets ‘Patchwork Cork’ (3pcs - A4) AU$12.00 - NZ$14.40 -

PAP 0102 Self adhesive sheets ‘Cork’ (3pcs - A4) AU$12.00 - NZ$14.40 -


Available 8 january

GAB 227 Alphabet Stencil (single) ‘Laura’ (A4) AU$21.00 - NZ$25.20 - NEW FORMAT

New year’s resolution Did you have a New New Year’s Resolution to do something for yourself in 2018? Maybe start your own business doing something you love to do? Pehaps have your hobby pay for itself, as well as your annual holiday or something else as well? Consider joining our happy band of Consultant Scrappers! You will receive • full initial training over two days • the opportunity to receive your kit for half price • access to ongoing training to become specialised in advanced techniques • extra income from classes you run • membership of a collegiate group of like-minded people

CONTACT for more information and to have an information pack mailed to you without obligation.

WARNING: Be aware that the members of this group enjoy their ‘work’!


Exists in 2 formats

GAB 272 Texture stencil duo ‘Squares’ (15x10.5cm) AU$16.50 - NZ$19.80 -

DIE 104 Matrices de découpe / Snijmallen ‘Concentric Squares’

TAM 0047 Large stamp set

(Dimensions: 3.5 to 12.5cm) AU$38.00 - NZ$45.60 -

‘Squares’ (14x18cm) AU$35.00 - NZ$42.00 -

DIE 096 Matrices de découpe / Snijmallen

‘Concentric Squares’ (Dimensions: 3 to12cm) AU$38.00 - NZ$45.60 -

EMB 029 Embossing Folder ‘Squares’ (A6 ) AU$12.00 - NZ$14.40 -



celebrates its first birthday!

Join the Mail-out Club today!

Each month you will receive a mystery package containing Azza products and full instructions on how to achieve remarkable results with them. Learn the techniques behind the effects. Series 1 will end with the January 2018 mail-out. Current members will automatically be enrolled in Series 2, which takes you even further in the techniques.

We are now taking enrolments for new members to start their journey with Series 1.

To join the Mail-out club, contact Anita at with your details, including email address. An enrolment form will be sent straight back to you. Cost of the club is just $20 per mon- th ($26 for NZ) which will be debited automatically on your card on 15th of the month, when the mail-out is dispatched. You may cancel your enrolment at any time.



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