Dairy Calf Pneumonia Leaflet (Rebranded 2018)



1. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential 2. Prevention of pneumonia is better than treating outbreaks

3. If calves are not treated early enough and for long enough at the first signs of pneumonia, the surviving harmful bacteria may start growing again and the calf may relapse with recurrent bouts of pneumonia 4. Keep the calves on normal levels of milk feeding throughout the period of diarrhoea 5. No matter what system is used for calf housing, it is important that calves always have access to plenty of fresh air, without draughts, and a good dry well bedded lying area 6. Don’t put ill or stunted older calves back into a group of younger calves ‘to bring them on’ 7. Check ventilation in pens by crouching to the calf level. If there is a smell of ammonia, it is not well ventilated 8. One of the biggest risks for calves is sharing airspace with adult animals 9. Ensure vaccines are stored and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations

TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP: Ingrid Lorenz - (Chair) University College Dublin, Charles Chavasse - Pfizer, Muireann Conneely - Teagasc, Bernadette Earley - Teagasc, John Fagan - DAFM, Richard Fallon, Liam Gannon - Volac, John Gilmore - Vet Practitioner, Ian Hogan - DAFM, Emer Kennedy - Teagasc, John Mee - Teagasc. TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP RAPPORTEUR: Fionnuala Malone, Animal Health Ireland ILLUSTRATOR: Stephen Cahalan MVB MRCVS HOUSING DETAILS: The TWG thanks Tom Ryan , Teagasc Kildalton for his input in the housing section The contents of this lea et are based on the following peer-reviewed review article compiled by the AHI TWG on Calf Health: Lorenz I, Earley B, Fallon R, Gilmore J, Hogan I, Kennedy E, More S: Calf health from birth to weaning. III. Disease prevention and management with particular reference to calf pneumonia . Irish Veterinary Journal 2011; 64, 14. http://www.irishvetjournal.org/content/64/1/14. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: All images contained in this leaflet are the property of AHI, or have been included with the permission of the owner. Please seek permission from AHI if you wish to use these images and provide the correct attribution of ownership when reproducing them. If reusing any other material in this leaflet, please attribute AHI as the source.

IMPORTANT NOTICE — DISCLAIMER: This leaflet is issued and shall be read only on the basis that it will not relied upon by any person as a basis for any act or omission or otherwise without obtaining professional veterinary and health and safety verification and advice and that no liability or responsibility to any person is accepted or shall be incurred, and no recourse or claim by any person will be made, by or against AHI,any stakeholder,collaborator, officer, agent, subcontractor or employee of AHI, any member of the Technical Working Group, any contributor to, author, publisher, distributor, reviewer,compiler or promoter of or any other person in respect of or in connection with the leaflet or the contents thereof or any matter omitted therefrom. No representation or guarantee is given, whether by AHI or any other such person, that the contents of this information leaflet are comprehensive, up to date, or free from error or omissions, nor that the advice provided is appropriate in every particular circumstance. The contents of this information leaflet are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate direct advice from your veterinary practitioner. Appropriate veterinary and health and safety advice should be taken before taking or refraining from taking action in relation to the animal disease dealt with in this information leaflet. The contents of this leaflet may be updated, corrected, varied or superseded from to time by later publications or material on the AHI website and reference should be made to that website accordingly. Any references in this booklet or links in the AHI website to external websites or other resources are provided for convenience only and the contents thereof are not to be considered as endorsed thereby.

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