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This review is for the parents out there desperately trying to find help for their adult child. You know that fearful phone call you get in the night when your daughter was injured as a passenger in an accident and is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital? For me, hearing the wrong person’s voice on the other end of the phone while I was five states away was just HORRIBLE. Of course, you want to train your adult child (22 years old) how to handle dealing with all the details of getting insurance companies to just pay the bills they’re supposed to, according to the various vehicle policies. But, of course, it’s just not that easy. They keep transferring your child to new representatives. And they’re not answering calls and emails. His insurance (since he was the driver) is saying they’ll consider paying later and that she has to pay all the bills first. Then, they will decide what they will and will not pay. Her insurance is saying she was the passenger, so it’s not on them (even though his insurance was technically refusing to pay!). To hear your child having a panic attack and crying on the phone because the bills are now showing up every single day — and the collections phone calls almost every hour, threatening her excellent credit rating — just made me feel completely HELPLESS! TIME FOR A LAWYER!

things, and described what could and should be done for my daughter. I was absolutely convinced that he would be the VERY BEST attorney for my child. I scheduled an appointment for us to all meet with him in three days. Damian was very professional, kind, and thorough in his questions. He provided solid answers and a VERY thorough plan of action. He made lots of notes and seemed very sincere in wanting to take care of my daughter, even though it was a pretty small case comparatively. I LITERALLY took a deep breath and sighed as they were signing paperwork. I just KNEW my child would be VERY well taken care of and actually had trust in this attorney that we just met. And the excellent care did not stop there!! He, his staff, and others within the Advocates group communicated with my daughter every single step of the way and kept her updated regularly through phone calls, texts, and emails. At her request, they also kept me in the loop. Talk about going above and beyond!! What started out as everyone passing the buck and no one paying any bills wound up as BOTH insurances paying the policy amount. (GO FIGURE!) Then, the medical bills that originally totaled

more than DOUBLE the amount of those policies wound up

being negotiated down extremely well! The bills were paid through that settlement, and she never had to handle any part of it. The attorney, Damian, received his money, AND my daughter wound up with enough money to pay cash for a car, pay down debt, and buy some new clothes and a pedicure for both of us!

This mama is happy!!

But, how to search? Who to choose? She is in pain from her injuries and completely overwhelmed. She can’t work and is spiraling into depression. Okay. Mom will take the reins from five states away. I sat down and made six phone calls. It is business hours, so why can’t I actually talk to a lawyer or even a screener? I just want to get some answers as to my daughter’s rights ... frustrating! Then, I called the next one on my list: the Advocates. WOW! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The attorney, Damian Kidd, actually answered the phone himself and listened to the 20 minutes of concerns I had. He listened compassionately, explained a lot of

I absolutely cannot imagine how badly it all could have gone if nothing had been done or the wrong attorney or law firm was acquired. This was probably one of the very best decisions my daughter has ever made, and I am incredibly proud that she followed her gut feelings and chose the very best! I hope that this review is helpful to you and speaks to your needs well. You will not be disappointed when choosing this wonderful group of people!

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