ENGINEERED TO PERFORM THE ESSENTIAL FUNCTION Salamander produces specialized AV furniture and accessories that are Engineered To Perform - designed to satisfy the functional requirements of both professional AV integrators and AV enthusiasts. Keen attention to the smallest details result in a heightened audio visual experience. Thoughtful technology solutions such as our cabinet cooling features increase the performance and longevity of electronic components. Additionally, all cabinets feature Interior Storage options, Cooling, IR Passing, Removable Rears and Interior Cable Raceways, Integrating TV’s or Speakers into the cabinet.

SPEAKER INTEGRATION AV Cabinets accommodate a wide range of speaker types and sizes. Salamander has partnered with Leon Speakers to offer custom-made premium soundbars to fit most Salamander cabinets. These center channel and LCR speakers are designed specifically to fit any cabinet.

Synergy 329, Cherry/Black

Synergy 236, Cherry/Black



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