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May 2017

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My family and I spent Mother’s Day at the South Seas Resort for the annual Fishin’ With a Mission fundraising fishing tournament. My own mom didn’t do much angling; relaxing by the pool with her grandchildren is more her speed. But as the weekend went by, I spent a lot of time reflecting on her influence on my life. It would be impossible to overstate the impact my mom has had on me. When I was growing up, she was an incredibly hard worker, but she always managed to maintain a firm sense of presence and love in our family. Around my teen years, she became the president of a company with a lot of moving parts to keep track of. She spent a substantial amount of time steering her business in a new direction. As the head of any company will tell you, it’s more than a 40-hours-a-week job. Yet, I don’t remember her missing a single one of the many sporting events I was a part of in high school. I may not have fully appreciated her then, but I do now. She had an intense position for a while, and it never even began to negatively affect any aspect of her home life. She was always a consistently fun, loving, and positive presence, and still is. My mom’s unfailingly positive mental attitude has guided her through life. I know that a “positive outlook” is kind of a self- help buzzword these days, but my mom was equipped with a keen optimism far before it became a trend. She often said to us, “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s a phrase that’s been ingrained in me since I was young. When my dad passed away a few years ago, this outlook was tested. I was there beside her throughout the grieving process, and she remained undaunted even during her darkest moments. “Today’s a new day,” she would tell me. Every morning represented another opportunity to do good in the world, a fresh start. She mourned deeply but was able to push through into a brighter place. Some people, when faced with adversity, break down completely, but my mom processed,

internalized, and kept on moving. It was unreal to see her steadfast optimism in the midst of those difficult times.

Everything happens for a reason. I still get choked up when I think about my late dad. But my mom taught me that adversity — even the death of a loved one — is an opportunity to grow, learn, and readjust your direction. There is no doubt in my mind that without my mom’s wisdom and guidance, I would be far away from where I am today. I’m incredibly grateful for her constant presence every step of the way.

– Tim Hart NMLS #354676

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