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July 2020

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I’ve always been a strong believer in being creative once in a while and being open to new experiences, even if you don’t expect them. One day, my wife came home from a run and said, “You know, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this. I think you should do a mobile law office.” She may be the patent attorney (who later helped me get The L.A.W. Truck trademarked), but considering our usual dynamic, I was very surprised. We had spent the previous evening how we usually do: cooking together. Food is a big passion of ours, and we often goof around by pretending we have our own cooking show. “Why don’t we get a food truck?” I joked. She laughed, saying we weren’t good enough chefs for that. And even though we were joking, that’s mostly the dynamic of our relationship. I’m the free-spirited one with a ton of ideas, and she has a math and engineering background. As it turns out, not all my ideas work! (Not yet, I say.) Most wouldn’t associate a free-spirited person with a law practice. For a long time, the outside world saw me as nothing more than a stereotypical, highly experienced attorney. My family lineage is full of lawyers. I’ve been running my own law firm for 25 years, traveling to represent people in mostly birth disability and medical malpractice cases. It was doing fine, but honestly, I was falling into a rut. While I love the law tradition in my family, it was becoming the same old, same old. Still, I didn’t want to leave law. I wasn’t looking for a new profession, but I wanted to seek out new experiences. This brings me back to the unexpected — I was not expecting my wife, who is so often analytical, to suggest something completely new. We wondered together: What does a mobile law office even look like? How does it operate? We always felt the inspiration for the mobile law office ‘Is That a Law Office on Wheels?’ The Origins of The L.A.W. TRUCK

“I love when people from all walks of life, with all sorts of issues, knock on my door.”

was bigger than just us. Prayer is one of the foundations of my family’s life, and in our decades of experience, we’d never done anything like this before. Yet everything came together instinctively. A recreational vehicle show was in town, and my wife took time out of her busy work schedule to come see a unit I liked. At first, she didn’t like the color, so we kept looking. The salesman brought out a different unit. I asked her if she liked it, and she did. “Is the color better?” I asked again.

“No,”my wife replied. “I just like it better.”You bet that’s the one we got.

Since then, I’ve gotten amazing feedback from clients about how intimidated they were to talk to lawyers and how it was much easier to approach me at fairs or events with their legal concerns. My law firm still has a brick-and-mortar location, and I’ve certainly been using it during the pandemic. But I always make sure to take The L.A.W. Truck out because I don’t want the community to think I’ve disappeared in the lockdown. I want the community to feel like they can find a real and heavily experienced lawyer, reach him, and talk to him about anything. I love when people from all walks of life, with all sorts of issues, knock on my door. “Should I have a will?”“I just got into a car accident.”“I can’t afford to pursue this issue. What should I do?” Through this newsletter, and every time you see my office around the block, I want you to know that you have options. It’s true that setting up a meeting with a lawyer can be intimidating. Perhaps the biggest reason that The L.A.W. Truck changed my practice forever was that people who were too afraid to speak to a lawyer now feel like they can.


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