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Becoming a Dad



In the late summer of 2016, my wife, Ester, and I were preparing to jet off on a trip to Italy. Eagerly anticipating the sights and food we would enjoy, I never would have guessed Ester’s pending announcement would make me forget about the adventure we were about to set off on.

set to announce in a few weeks, it’s a moment we all laugh about today. It’s been two years now since Braedon was born, and it’s been an absolute joy to watch this happy, smiley kid learn and grow. He’s always happy when

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Ester was pregnant, and I was going to be a dad!

As she held up the positive pregnancy test, I remember being caught totally off guard. We were planning to have a family someday and had moved back to Maryland a year prior with that intention. Still, talking about becoming parents is one thing; when it started to happen, I was not mentally prepared. Regardless, we were excited about both the Italian adventure and the one we would be thrust into in the next nine months.

he’s around people he knows, and he’s never

short on energy. Now that he’s figured out how his legs work, he runs around everywhere. I often think about how much excitement Braedon has brought into our lives, and I’m grateful I have had the opportunity to experience this life. And I have a pretty good role model to look up to when it comes to being a father. My dad is one of the hardest-working people I know, and he taught me the value of maintaining that strong work ethic. Going to work in a kitchen when he was just 13 years old, my dad never had the opportunity to get an education past the eighth grade. Yet, he always wanted better for me. Today, my dad works six days a week at his own restaurant, and every day, I look to him as an example of what hard work looks like. Since adding a baby to our growing family, I’ve had to apply that work ethic to cleaning and cooking without being asked to do so. I’m not too proud to admit that before Braedon was born, I wasn’t the most helpful around the house. I have since learned how my actions can support my growing family. In fact, now that Braedon is 2, Ester and I have considered adding another child into our lives. But for now, this is all just talk. We can’t wait to see where this adventure with a 2-year-old takes us.

In Italy, we met for dinner with a couple who were visiting the same part of the country. The wife of this duo was also

pregnant and a few months ahead of Ester, but since Ester wasn’t too far along, we didn’t want to share our good news just yet. So, there we all were at dinner in Italy, not drinking wine. The couple was pretty confused why we weren’t enjoying a glass or two of wine in a country that drinks its wine like water, but we tried to play it off as

supporting the wife who couldn’t drink. Given what we were

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