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5 Tailgates So GoodYou Might Miss the Game

2. University of Wisconsin Walleye, cheese curds, and brats are just the beginning at Camp Randall. Wisconsin has great tailgating at the stadium, but the local hotspots of the surrounding area are even better places to show your Badger pride. If you can’t get into the arena to jump around in the fourth quarter, you can still join the tradition anywhere in Madison where there’s red and white. 3. Louisiana State University Geaux Tigers! LSU’s tailgate is something to be revered across the country because of its food options. While the jambalaya and barbecue are utterly fantastic, Tiger fans whip up something else when the University of Florida comes to town: alligator. 4. University of Washington The Huskies have a different take on tailgating than almost any other university in the country. While most schools gather in parking lots, Washington fans are out in the water. That’s right — this “tailgate” is known for the boats that pull into Union Bay right outside the stadium.

There’s a slight buzz in the air as you walk through the parking lot. Your ears embrace the sounds of cheering and conversation. Smells of recipes that took years to perfect fill your nostrils as you navigate through a sea of tents and pickup trucks. Friends and family wait at your destination with a cold beverage. The crowds of people all sport the colors of the home team as you finally arrive for what you’ve waited for all week: game day. Tailgating is a college football tradition unlike any other. Schools across the country will claim to have the best, but few can back it up. Here are five universities that can talk the talk and walk the walk. 1. University of Michigan Go blue! The tailgate in Ann Arbor is truly something to behold. “The Big House” parking lot opens at 7 a.m., and from then on, it’s all party, all the time. With one of college football’s biggest stadiums, it’s only natural that the tailgate follows suit.

New and Rediscovered Passions in Later Life


Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe opened a winery after retiring from football. While you probably don’t have the financial resources of a professional athlete, there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing a newfound passion at the same velocity as the footballs Bledsoe threw. Volunteer work can be incredibly fulfilling, especially when you have the time and energy to devote to it. Many older adults find that giving back to the community adds meaning and purpose to their lives. The best way to figure out how to donate your time is to think about a cause dear to your heart. From there, find a reputable organization that supports said cause, and see what you can do to help. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to throw yourself head-first into something you’re passionate about. So what are you waiting for? Is there a cause you want to support?

of their lives, these aren’t enough to fill up the bulk of your newly acquired free time. Cultivating a hobby is a great use of your time at any age, but especially during retirement. As Dick Van Dyke once said, “To me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing.” Here are three questions to help you discover a hobby that’s right for you. Work has a tendency to put our other interests on the back burner. Maybe you painted for pleasure during college but put the canvas away to focus on your career. Perhaps you were once a chess fanatic, and today you find your board gathering dust from lack of use. Now is the perfect time to rediscover those once-beloved activities. Do you have a dormant passion?

Aside from financial concerns, the No. 1 question that most impending and recent retirees struggle to answer is how they will fill up all their time. While spending time with family and relaxing are priorities for most folks entering the post-career chapter

What have you always wanted to do?

Discovering new hobbies is just as rewarding as rekindling old ones. Have you ever heard about a pastime and thought, “I’d love to do that, if only I had the time”?

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