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I t’s no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. From an early age, I looked forward to the big day at the end of October. Even today, I look forward to the holiday. This love of Halloween was instilled, in part, by my mom. She made it a point to skip the store-bought costumes and would make ours from scratch. This usually meant a trip to the fabric and sewing store to get all the necessary materials. And while my mom wasn’t a seamstress, with the effort she put into our costumes, you would never know. In fact, one year, she made me a full vampire costume, including a spooky- looking double-breasted vest and a double-sided cape. It was one of my first intricate costumes, and it was incredible. The following year, my mom helped me repurpose the vampire cape into a Jedi cloak. I got a lot of mileage out of that cape. When I was about 10 years old, I was really into “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” That year, you can bet my Halloween was all about Freddy Krueger. Instead of getting a Freddy Krueger mask like all the other kids, I got my hands on some special-effects makeup. For the knife hands, I found an old gardening glove and attached some Popsicle sticks and tin foil. That was a really good Halloween. During high school, my school put on a Halloween costume contest. Naturally, I had to enter. This was the year I was able to buy some real Hollywood special-effects makeup. I applied some fake skin to my face, building it up around my eye; then, with a fake eye, I made it look like my eye was hanging out of my skull. It may have been a little graphic, but I did win! These days, though, between work and being a father, I don’t have as much time to put together an intricate costume, but I love it all the same. Instead, my wife and I have been giving our daughter, Jade, the reins during Halloween. Our daughter is enamored with just about everything Disney. Last year, she was really into “Toy Story,” so she

dressed up as Jessie, while I donned a cowboy hat and vest as a bit of a thrown-together Woody.


This year, I expect we’ll be going as Disney characters once again. Jade is into “Frozen” and “The Incredibles.” Between these two, I can see us getting away with some really “incredible” costumes. But, we’re going to wait until she makes up her mind before we commit to anything. I know that, no matter what she decides on, we’re going to have a lot of fun as a family. I will admit, I do look forward to the Halloween when the three of us dress up as Star Wars characters and bring the galaxy far, far away to our annual Halloween festivities.

–Matthew Konecky


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