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WHERE TO STAY IN LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY My Time at the Lanes For anyone who watches or plays baseball this time of year, there are few things worse than striking out. Getting a strike once is frustrating, but getting eight strikes in a rowmight cause a player to question their skill. Luckily, I grew up bowling. While getting repeated strikes is a disaster for a baseball player, throwing eight strikes in a row was one of the best games of my life! I bowled from age 8 to age 17, and I was actually very good at it. At one point, I finished top 20 in the state! My highest series is 750 — just 150 off from a perfect score of 900. My favorite part of bowling was getting to attend the Central Regional Junior Tournament every year. Hosted by The National Bowling Association (TNBA), the tournament always fell around Easter Sunday, and I still associate spring with bowling. The tournament was the only trip we went on every year, and it was one of the most exciting things frommy childhood. Around here, a lot of kids don’t get to leave the area for sports, travel, or fun. They spend their lives in the same 5–15 miles, surrounded by the same people. But the world is a big place, and traveling to bowling tournaments in other states allowed me to see more of it. Of all the places we went for the tournaments, my favorite was Louisville, Kentucky. I just loved the place where we stayed, called the Galt House Hotel. It wasn’t the Ritz, but it was nice and was walking distance from the convention center where the tournament held the annual banquet and dance party. There’s something amazing about walking through a city you don’t live in. You can feel how different the environment is, and I never wasted an opportunity to walk around in a new city. Attending tournaments also gave me the opportunity to meet other kids my age. They came from other places and had different lives and experiences. Getting to know themwas neat. We were

there to compete against each other, but we still got to hang out and go to the mall nearby or attend the big dance together. There are a lot of good people in this world, and I got to meet some of them thanks to my grandmother, the person who encouraged me to get into bowling. My grandmother was a great bowler. Everyone who knew Gloria Arkwright knew they could find her hanging out at Northwest Lanes. When I was with my grandmother, we spent a lot of time bowling together. She even wanted me to become a professional bowler! I drifted away from bowling after she got sick and couldn’t bowl anymore, but I still have fond memories of our time at the alley. I haven’t forgotten what I learned from the experience of bowling. There’s a great deal of value in dedicating yourself to a sport and learning how to win and lose in competition. Plus, I now know the best place to stay in Louisville! “The world is a big place, and traveling to bowling tournaments in other states allowed me to see more of it.”

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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