2021 ESG Annual Report

The following case studies provide examples of our engagement activities and outcomes on a range of material topics across different markets, asset classes and sectors. Our work in this area is the best reflection of

our investing culture—built around being well informed, with clear views, and ready to use all the tools at the disposal of investors to protect and enhance the value of our clients’ investments.

STRATEGY Adopt, formulate and communicate value-enhancing long-term strategies

INCENTIVES Align management and board incentives with long-term shareholder goals

BOARD INDEPENDENCE Effective boards of directors must be truly independent

SHAREHOLDER REPRESENTATION Strive to maximize shareholder representation

CAPITAL DEPLOYMENT Allocate capital to maximize long-term risk-adjusted shareholder value

TRANSPARENCY AND COMMUNICATIONS Provide transparency in communication and reporting

RISK MANAGEMENT Boards of directors should actively engage with management to evaluate and control enterprise risk

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Consider the material impacts of their business operations on the environment

SOCIAL ISSUES Actively assess the material impacts of their business and operations on their employees, customers, local communities and society



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