We Live in Two Worlds - by Mitch Payne

We Live in Two Worlds

This Short Informational Book was written from my own frustration and inability to navigate the nasty world of Social Media Marketing and Branding, I kept at it until I figured it out. I needed to accomplish two tasks, First: Stop being fearful of posting on Social Media, I came to the realization that I don't need to blow up the whole internet to become a celebrity. I only need to be able to Market and Brand in my local communities. Second: I need to figure out how? . I am an avid researcher so I began consuming everything I could online about Marketing, Branding and Social Media then BOOM it hit me. We live in two Worlds, one Social and the other the Real World where our feet are. So now what do I do with all this information I learned, HELP others who like me who want to be successful in both Worlds but don't know where to start. I learned a lesson a long time ago to understand the present you have to know the past history. Understanding the PAST trends helps you to see things on a timeline that may help stir something in your PRESENT trends to help guide you to your FUTURE success . So let's jump in!

My name is Mitch Payne and I Grew up when there was a Phone attached to a wall, for real. Parents taught their kids how to answer the phone, yep that's right etiquette. Hello or whats up just wasn't enough you had to announce to the person calling you, “Payne Residence” as if they didn't know who they called. My parents were so cool when they bought an extension cord to the phone that was 12 feet long so you could walk further away from this marvelous avocado green or bright yellow phone attached to the wall. You could now to talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend around the corner but never after 9 pm it was inappropriate.

We had cable and what I mean by cable is there was a cable attached to a box and that was attached to a TV. This cable box was brown, three rows of numbers and an engineering marvel, I was no longer my dad's remote control, Mitch change the channel or Mitch turn it up or down finally “Freedom.“ I think that is why I don't like my name starting in a sentence. Televisions were not smart either Just Saying, most weighed over 100lbs.

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