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Stephanie Croteau’s Many Gifts AN ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS

Meet the Team Behind Your Meals

an eighth of a tank of gas. “Please, God, bring me somewhere I can grow,” I prayed. “Let me end up somewhere I won’t be abused, that will be good to me. Please let me do something with my life.” The first interview at October Kitchen went so well, the interviewer asked if I could come back for a second interview. I wanted to say yes, but thinking about my gas tank sitting below empty, I admitted that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make the 40-minute drive from my house again. Instead of telling me goodbye, the interviewer ran into the back and grabbed Ali and Paul. They conducted the second interview right then and hired me on the spot. At the time, I didn’t know a lot about the job or October Kitchen. I’d just seen the listing on Craigslist and figured I’d put in my resume. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive then. Today, I truly feel like my prayers were answered. Since my first job at 16, I’ve spent almost my entire career in the food industry and there’s no place I have loved half as much as I love being at October Kitchen. The guys in the back are like my brothers. They throw sass at me and they know I can throw it right back. Our guests are so wonderful. During my first Christmas with October Kitchen, so many people gave me ornaments for my tree! And Ali and Paul have really become like my work parents. They’ve enabled me to grow as a professional, they support me as a person and they’re even helping me plan my wedding! I could go on and on about why I love October Kitchen and why I feel so lucky to work here, but it can really be boiled down into four words: They’re really freaking awesome!

Did you know running a kitchen means you have to do more than just cook and deliver food? There’s a whole mess of technical things we need to take care of every day to ensure our customers enjoy the highest possible level of service. Thankfully, I have people like Stephanie Croteau to lend a hand. Stephanie came to us four years ago from, let’s just say, a less-than-happy work environment. At the time, Stephanie was only 21 years old and without much on her resume, she was a bit of a gamble. But Ali and I knew we wanted her after our first interview. If Stephanie was a gamble, then we really hit the jackpot. My wife trained her to handle the technical things and provide good phone service, but her ability to interact so warmly with our clients, to remember their names and all their orders — you can’t train a person to do that. You have to have a gift for that and Stephanie does. “Gift” could be how I describe Stephanie in any situation. She’s a bright, beautiful person, who’s been quite the blessing for October Kitchen. She’s morphed into quite the leader, a marketing savant and a real guru when it comes to our software. I rely on her for so much and she always delivers with a smile. Ali and I have come to view Stephanie as our work daughter, and we’re proud to see her blossoming into her own in the kitchen and in life.

“Since my first job at 16, I’ve spent almost my entire career in the food industry and there’s no place I have loved half as much as I love being at October Kitchen.”

Before my first interview with October Kitchen, I spent the entire drive praying. I’d just left a truly horrible job, had $200 to my name and less than

–Stephanie Croteau



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