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How Baton Rouge Says ‘I Love You’ UniqueWays to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many are wondering just what to do for that special day with their loved ones. Rest assured, though, Baton Rouge has a lot of fun and unique ways to spend the holiday. Here are some ways to celebrate with your loved ones this Valentine’s day! Celebrate with other couples on Saturday, Feb. 14, for one of the biggest parades in Baton Rouge. The Spanish Town Parade will be held in downtown Baton Rouge, beginning at noon. The theme this year is masquerade, where “love is the center of attention.”This event is family-friendly and celebrates family, fun, and the company of your loved ones. On Feb. 8, join the rest of Baton Rouge for a Valentine’s Day Zoo experience! This is a day filled with Safari Amphitheater programs featuring the exciting and strange “birds and bees” facts about some of the zoo’s most affectionate animals. Not only can everyone learn something new about their favorite animals, but they can make a valentine for their loved one as well! “STARGAZING IS ONE OF THE MOST TIME-HONORED AND ROMANTIC TRADITIONS. THERE’S JUST SOMETHING FANTASTICAL ABOUT STARING UP INTO THE VAST NIGHTTIME SKYWITH YOUR LOVED ONE.” SPANISH TOWN MARDI GRAS PARADE I HEART MY ZOO DAY

The Louisiana Art & Science Center is host to Baton Rouge’s very own planetarium. While you’re there, you can find some of the area’s most exciting science exhibits. Tour the galaxy under the stars in the planetarium, visit ancient Egypt, and so much more with your significant other. These are just some of the ways you can make the most of the special day with your loved one. For more events and updates, be sure to check out!


Several restaurants in the area are offering special menus for Valentine’s Day that you can’t miss! Just last year, Sullivan’s hosted a “Wine, Dine & Be Mine” three-course Valentine’s dinner that made for an excellent evening for some friends of mine. The restaurant even offers a special price for early reservations before 5 p.m. Matherne’s on Third usually hosts Valentine’s Wine Dinner in their Bistro Room. If you like to plan, be sure to do so for Valentine’s day. Some of the most romantic local restaurants are also available, but they fill quickly. Some of Baton Rouge’s Valentine’s Day hot spots include Strobes, Little Village, Tsunami, and the French Market Bistro.


Stargazing is one of the most time-honored and romantic traditions. There’s just something fantastical about staring up into the vast nighttime sky with your loved one. To ensure your night goes off without a hitch, head to the Planetarium for Valentine’s Day hours!

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