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December 2018


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Creating NewMemories With Old Friends and Traditions

All West Point alumni know there’s one day of the year that sticks out above the rest: the annual Army versus Navy football game. For those unaware of the friendly military competition, the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy is up for grabs every year between the Air Force, Army, and the Navy. While the Army may be trailing in total wins, we’ve been fostering strong victories in recent years. As we say in the Army, we’re not “smoking and joking” on the gridiron. In honor of this event, my wife and I host a big gathering at our house, and when I say “big,” I’m talking crowds of 100 people or more. We invite my brothers from West Point, and we even include some of our Navy buddies — or “token squid friends,” if you will. It’s a great time of reminiscing

there? What was that equipment used for? It’s a fun little dimension of curiosity that I love to add to any trip. As I write this, I’m getting ready to leave for my trip, and while I’m excited to experience European history, I’m also looking forward to spending more time with a few longtime friends. As readers will remember from November’s cover, at West Point, students become close with their fellow comrades. We experienced some grueling training, and bonds naturally form out of that. No one else can quite understand the experience, so graduates are forever connected with their peers.

and inflicting gentle jabs targeted at the different branches, but it’s also a memorable time for us and our spouses to mingle and catch up. Last year’s event was no exception. At the 2017 party, I learned that my wife and I would be taking a trip to Budapest in early November 2018. Some couple friends of ours were talking about taking a Viking River Cruise in Budapest the following year, and my wife signed us up. That was okay with me, because as a big history buff, I’m excited to learn more about this city and its Eastern European history. I love viewing ancient cathedrals and thoroughly enjoy an afternoon spent at a museum. My wife often tells me that I spend too much time in museums, but what can I say? I have to read everything! I enjoy pondering what life was like hundreds of years ago. As I visit or look at a historic landscape, I like to picture living there during its heyday. What were people doing? Why did they settle

“I enjoy pondering

When we get to Budapest, we will spend about two days exploring the city before we board the Viking Cruise. The cruise will be about a week long, and while I’ve been aboard cruises on the ocean before, it’s going to be interesting to see what’s in store for this river expedition. It’s pretty exciting to think a new memory will be born out of an annual tradition my friends and I started based on a rivalry as old as football. I guess we’ll see what other years have in store for us.

what life was like hundreds of years ago. As I visit or look at a historic landscape, I like to picture living there during its heyday.”

Go Black Knights!

—Dr. H. Charles Jelinek, Jr., DDS


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