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Do you remember your great teachers? The kids are heading back to school this month, and I know some of them are going to be affected by a fantastic educator or mentor in the next school year. In my life, I’ve been very fortunate to have a few people like that come along at the right time to help me along my way. As a kid, academics were always my sister’s department and not mine. I did all right in some subjects, but reading and writing were a real struggle. So, the summer after fourth grade, the teacher I’d had that year spent the whole summer tutoring me. I’d go to her house or we’d meet at the library, and she’d help me with reading and writing. A Good Teacher Makes the Difference WHO INFLUENCED YOU?

It wasn’t a lot of fun, but her dedication as an educator was admirable. There was no cutting slack or “good enough for today,” and as a result, I really improved. I went from C’s to B’s, and the framework she gave me helped me through the rest of my education — including law school. Another formative influence in my school days was coach Brad Chasteen. I remember when I first met him. I was in eighth grade, and I’d ride my bike to the high school to work out with


to put a witness on the stand in a big trial. I was nervous because I had never put on that type of witness before. My dad could tell, and he said, “Throughout the journey to your best — and to greatness — you

those guys. Coach Chasteen would put me right into the fire with the rest of the kids, and I’d compete with all of these guys who were older and better. The work paid off — by the time I got to high school, my skills and athleticism were leagues ahead of where they would have been without Coach. One thing I remember was his ability to assess your psychological situation and tailor his approach to whatever he knew you needed. Some days that meant pushing you past what you thought you could do. Other days he’d focus on empowerment and motivation. He taught me that, as a leader, I had to build up the team even if the coach was coming down on me. Of course, I can’t talk about formative people without mentioning my dad. He was a coach of mine for years as well, and he’s continued to support and motivate me during my career. Not too long ago, I had

will continuously encounter new things for the first time.” He told me that if I’d put in the work, and I did my job right, these new things would always be there, but I’d be capable of handling them. The most important thing was to know that there was nothing more I could have done if it didn’t turn out my way. Everyone has to start somewhere. I hope that the kids headed back to school have teachers and coaches — and parents — like I did. Those influences shaped my life, and their impact is truly invaluable on young people as they grow, learn, and mature. Have a great August, Russell Button 214-888-2216

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