Mind & Mobility: The Alternative To Community Living


www.mindandmobility.com Thousands of West Palm Beach area elderly residents and veterans, are now faced with healthy aging challenges and someone new is added to those ranks every minute in the great state of Florida. It is important that the people of West Palm Beach understand that during National Home Health month in November, that staying independent in their homes allows for a longer and happier life. MIND & MOBILITY HOME CARE is empowering our West Palm Beach residents to take charge of their home health

to live independently in their homes longer. It is appropriate that this day be set aside to encourage senior residents and their loved ones to take steps to further create their legacies. In the City of West Palm Beach, I urge people to show support for our valued elderly residents for all of us to become active participants in the advocacy and education for these two respective groups.

- Jeri Muoio, Mayor


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