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Meet Devan Seeley! Our New, Caring Physical Therapy Assistant


Movement has been part of Devan Seeley’s life for as long as she can remember. The active swimmer and water polo player became interested in physical therapy when she was studying human development at the University of California, Davis.

“I had bad back pain and numbness/tingling down to my arms and legs. After seeing several neurologists and trying chiropractic adjustments and acupunctures, nothing seemed to help very much. My primary doctor recommended OPTM Saratoga. Laura and

Thuy have been great, helping to relieve tightness in my back, shoulder, and neck. I enjoy the customized exercises they teach and changing my mindset that moving in the right way can be much more helpful than just resting when I experience pain and discomfort. I feel so much better and am back to my normal routines. Thank you!”

“I was really interested, as an athlete, in how it wasn’t

just about how strong you are,” Devan says. “It was all about body mechanics and how well you could move your body. I did my research, and physical therapy is a career that involves working with that on a continual basis … [I enjoyed] how applicable it was to more than just sports. I could help other people that way.” Devan joined our OPTM Saratoga team in November, and since then she has turned her passion for movement and athletics into personalized care for a variety of patients. As she continues to master her expertise, digging for motivation and finding solutions for our clients has been a burgeoning passion for Devan. Prior to working at OPTM, Devan worked in pediatrics, specifically helping young athletes get back onto the field or court. As a former athlete herself, Devan says she can relate to the passion of her young athletes, but she also believes all patients — regardless of their age — have attainable goals they can reach through physical therapy. As she continues in her career, Devan plans to further her education by obtaining her doctorate in physical therapy. She is also looking to pursue a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification, and she’s looking forward to developing mentor/mentee relationships at OPTM. As a new graduate, Devan said she is grateful to be working at a small business clinic and with coworkers she gets to learn from every day. When she isn’t helping young athletes and weekend warriors find relief, Devan can be found hiking or at the beach. She enjoys spending time with her family, and she is hoping to take up swimming again. Devan’s passion for care makes her a dedicated physical therapy assistant. We can’t wait to see the kind of help you give our patients, Devan!

–Angel Chan

“I came to OPTM Saratoga for physical therapy for my right shoulder. After my injury, I lost significant strength and range of motion causing me difficulties in completing ordinary daily tasks. After my 12th visit with Phil, I have made great improvements in all

areas. I have regained strength in my right shoulder and my range of motion is improving with each passing day. I am able to do daily tasks without any pain and am looking forward to playing tennis again! Thanks Phil and OPTM Saratoga for all your help and care — it’s been a fantastic experience!”

–Evelyn Ortiz

“I broke my collarbone in two places which required surgery. two plates and nine pins were used to put my collarbone back together. I wasn’t sure how my shoulder would ever get back to normal. Two months after surgery, I started physical therapy with

Todd. Todd first helped me get my range of motion back with numerous stretching exercises, and then we started working on strengthening my shoulder. Two months after working with Todd, I was back doing all the things I loved before my accident, including playing tennis, surfing, and riding my bike. Todd always listened, tracked my progress, and used a variety of treatment techniques to speed the healing process. I am very grateful for being physically active again.”

–Alex Roedling

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