The UWI, Mona Campus_Annual Report 2021-2022

7.4 INITIATIVES TO SUPPORT STUDENT FINANCING Office of Student Financing The 2021-2022 academic year saw additional donors coming on board directly through the Office of Student Financing (OSF), The UWI Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) and through our regional partners. The OSF supported the University’s efforts to reduce cost through the Bursaries offered and sought to provide more information to students to access additional sources of funding. One prime example were the Engineering students who had the opportunity to access full scholarships from the Ministry of Education. This resulted in a thirty-four percent (34%) reduction in the number of students accessing awards from The UWI for the year. There are three underutilised areas of scholarship possibilities that have huge potential for growth: (1) Students with disabilities, (2) Students who are studying languages, and (3) Students who are studying STEM subjects, but especially Actuarial Sciences. The OSF has been working to ensure that there is improved communication with the Office of Student Services and Development so that they are aware of all the awards available for students with disabilities. The OSF will be having a series of sessions in the 2022- 2023 academic year with various groups of students to address challenges that are being experienced with the application process.

On-Campus Donations Donations were received from The West Indies Group of University Teachers, Jamaica (WIGUT Ja) (J$1M) and The UWI Mona Guild (J$1.9M) in February and April respectively, to assist finalizing students who were not cleared to sit final examinations. The UWI Mona Guild also made an additional donation of J$1.6M to assist graduate students.

The Faculty of Engineering – Top Performing Engineering Student Award The Faculty of Engineering collaborated with the Jamaica Institution of Engineers (JIE) and New Fortress Energy (NFE), to establish a two-year partnership that will see three top-performing engineering students from the island’s three tertiary institutions being recognised for their hard work and awarded with the JIE/NFE Engineering Student of the Year award. The JIE/NFE Engineering Student of the Year award is opened to all final-year students studying an engineering discipline at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona and St Augustine Campuses; the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH) and the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU). The student with the highest grade point average from each institution will be awarded with a trophy during the JIE’s annual awards dinner and gala. The three selectees will also have the opportunity to complete an internship with New Fortress Energy. The School for Graduate Studies and Research 2021 - 2022 SCHOLARSHIPS For the 2021 - 2022 academic year, the majority of the postgraduate scholarships went to FST = 19, FHE= 11, FMS = 4 and FSS = 1

Donations from The West Indies Group of University Teachers, Jamaica (WIGUT Ja.) and The UWI Mona Guild.

Assistance to First Degree Students by Value and Faculty (JMD), 2021-2022

The UWI Postgraduate Scholarships awarded for the Mona Campus

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