The UWI, Mona Campus_Annual Report 2021-2022

1.3 INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGES AND COLLABORATIONS ACDC/CHESS One Ocean Field Course 2021 The UWI participated in the ACDC/CHESS One Ocean Field Course 2021 (SDG13) between November 6, 2021 and December 3, 2021. Two research students from the Mona Campus, Miss Chauntelle Green (MPhil, Marine Sciences) Department of Life Sciences, and Mr. Deron Maitland (MPhil, Applied Physics) Department of Physics, boarded the vessel in Curacao. The One Ocean field course is a response to Agenda 2030 and the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. The One Ocean Expedition, the sailing vessel Statsraad Lehmkuhl , has been fitted with meteorological and oceanographic instrumentation which offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in hands-on fieldwork in a truly interdisciplinary and international learning environment. There are 35 berths reserved from Curacao to Havana (including Port Royal, Jamaica) and students use the time on board the sailing vessel and the visits to the ports in the Caribbean, for field- based training in oceanography, marine meteorology and ocean chemistry in the context of the UN

Sustainable Development Goals 13 (Climate Action) and 14 (Life Below Water).

International partners in the field course included The University of the West Indies (UWI), Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Woods Hole Institute of Oceanography, the University of Texas at Austin, University of Washington, McGill University, and Harvard University. This therefore, provided a unique scientific and cultural learning and networking experience between students and lecturers from renowned North American educational institutions as well as local Caribbean institutions, with in- depth knowledge of the consequence of changes in ocean climate, marine pollution, storm surges, and extreme weather. The UWI / University of Leicester International Summer School The Institute of Caribbean Studies’ (ICS) annual UWI / University of Leicester International Summer School, which had been on pause during 2020 and 2021, was held on the Mona Campus during May 23-27, 2022, under the theme “Cultures and politics of protest”. The Summer School involves contributions from established UWI and UL-based scholars working in various disciplines across the arts, humanities and social sciences, and provides

Group photo of UWI students and academics with representatives from the Implant Training Center (ITC)

The International Dental Implant Live Patient Program The UWI were co-hosts of the International Dental Implant Live Patient Program which was held from February 21 to 24, 2022, at the Mona School of Dentistry. The event, which was a joint venture and academic exchange partnership with Implant Training Center (ITC) Seminars, started with lectures and two hands-on workshops, one on suturing techniques and another on dental implant placement on models. The remaining days were dedicated to live patient surgery. Under the coordination of Dr. Biney Thomas, dental students and doctors from The UWI attended the lectures and were an integral part of the learning and education experience. The overseas dentists who attended were from the UK, Canada, and the USA, with the lecturers coming from Brazil, Venezuela and the USA. During the hands-on workshops which took place at the dental lab of the main building, The UWI dental students and UWI doctors participated alongside the international course participants in developing their skills, training, and education on suturing techniques and dental implant placement

postgraduate students and early career researchers from the Caribbean and the UK, with opportunities for both intellectual and professional development. There were twenty-nine participants from universities in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and Canada. Professor Lorna Hughes (Professor of Digital Humanities) and Professor Ann Gow (Professor of Information Studies) of the University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK) visited the Faculty of Humanities and Education accompanied by Professor Simon Anderson (Cave Hill Campus) under the auspices of the Glasgow-Caribbean Centre for Development Research (GCCDR). This forms part of efforts to operationalise the GCCDR, which was established by an MOU between The University of the West Indies and the University of Glasgow, to foster development research in three pillars – health, economics, and culture, including Digital Humanities. The Professors met with the Department of Library and Information Studies and the Institute of Caribbean Studies, and developed a list of collaborative projects and initiatives that will operationalise the goals of the Centre.

Deploying temperature and

depth sensors on Statsraad Lehmkuhl.



UWI Mona Annual Report 2021 - 2022

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