The UWI, Mona Campus_Annual Report 2021-2022

JAMCODERS The Department of Computing, Faculty of Science and Technology, partnered with Addiscoders Inc. to host a free residential Summer Camp dubbed “Jamcoders”, where fifty (50) secondary students across Jamaica were exposed to coding and algorithm for four weeks. The camp was organised in collaboration with Professor Jelani Nelson (of UC Berkley) founder of Addiscoder, and members of the Caribbean diaspora. It was funded by Mr. Jamar McNaughton (aka Chronixx), Survival and Flourishing Fund, and the D.E. Shaw Group.

needy communities across Jamaica. Dr. Thaon Jones together with his team and students of the Faculty, staged several successful outreaches. The social accountability activities for the 2021-2022 academic year, focused on Programme Inclusion, Resumption of Inter-Professional Outreaches, and Integration.

Virtual staging of the recruitment fair “UWI for You: Be a Part of the Metaverse”. The event engaged students to educate them about programme offerings at The UWI Mona Campus.

Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad Programme

The Department of Mathematics continued with the coordination of the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad programme. A Jamaican Olympiad team consisting of four high school students, was selected to compete in the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Mathematical Olympiad (OMCC) held from August 9 to 14, 2021.

at The UWI Mona Campus was declining relative to the previous academic year and the pre-COVID-19 period. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was also not possible to engage prospects through the traditional face-to-face visits to Secondary Schools. The Campus therefore had to reinvent its approach to recruitment and to re-stimulate interest in its programmes in a novel and inviting way. The Office of the Campus Registrar (OCR) organised a virtual recruitment fair dubbed “UWI for You: Be a Part of the Metaverse”, drawing on the current and future trends in virtual technologies which have become second nature to our populations. The initiative aimed to inform the general population about the uniquely interconnected nature of The UWI educational environment. The event engaged students via emerging digital platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, to educate

them about programme offerings at the Campus and to facilitate academic counselling between prospective students and faculty. This intervention was a phenomenal success with over 278,000 organic reaches and over 218,000 user impressions. This resulted in 11,167.60 link clicks and over 66,000 user reactions during the period March 11 to April 30, 2022. Consequently, the number of undergraduate applications moved from 4,596, two weeks prior to the event, to 5,924 just a few days after its staging, which represents an increase of approximately 29%. Postgraduate applications over the same period increased by 13%, from 2,103 to 2,370. The Faculty of Medical Sciences also continued to be involved in outreach projects and inter-professional education. These outreach activities benefitted

Chronixx (second right) poses with awardees of the JamCoders Coding and Algorithms Camp 2022 during a graduation ceremony at The University of the West Indies, Mona. The artiste funded the four-week camp, which he hopes to make an annual event.



UWI Mona Annual Report 2021 - 2022

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