The UWI, Mona Campus_Annual Report 2021-2022

Upgrade to Banner 9 In keeping with the Campus’ student-centred philosophy, the Campus continued to search for new and more efficient ways to engage and provide services to students. In that regard, the Office of the Campus Registrar transitioned from Banner version 8 to version 9 for student registration. Version 9 is far simpler to navigate and more user-friendly. In order to assist our students in using this facility, videos were posted to The UWI website to guide them through the process. Automated Graduate Processes The following graduate processes were automated through the efforts of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research (OGSR):

New UWI Policies Several new Policies were drafted over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year. These included the:

Data Protection Policy – drafted to outline the ways in which The UWI manages personal data at various stages, including the rights of the person to whom the data relates to access this data. It reflects the University’s need to adhere to local, regional, and international laws. Occupational Safety and Health Policy – to help The UWI develop and maintain an effective occupational safety and health management system for its employees, students, other members of The UWI community, and visitors to the Campus. The UWI Gender Policy – to ensure that gender justice is promoted and championed at all levels, and that UWI best practices are aligned to and compliant with international, regional, and national protocols. The UWI Risk Policy – to engage Risk Managers and provide a framework to guide our operations as we engage various stakeholders.

• Change of Registration Status (PT to FT)

• Change of Address/Telephone Number

• Change of Programme/Major

• Leave of Absence

• Voluntary Withdrawal

• Electronic Submission of Theses

• Scholarship Application

• Applications for Research & Publication Grants

Of the 1,229 files received, 781 files were also scanned and a further 518 were indexed.


The Western Jamaica Campus’ Advisory Board was formally convened in September 2021. The Advisory Board comprises various stakeholder grouping and industries from across the western region and will provide critical guidance and support to the success path of the Campus. The membership represents the educational sector, the clergy, the global services sector, the business and tourism sectors, the legal fraternity, and alumni of the Campus



UWI Mona Annual Report 2021 - 2022

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