SL Green Corporate Social Responsibility 2019

SL GREEN HAS A HISTORY OF OWNERSHIP AND INTEREST ACROSS 115 MILLION SQUARE FEET OF MANHATTAN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. EVERY SINGLE BUILDING THAT PASSES THROUGH OUR HANDS IS EVALUATED UNDER BOTH A FINANCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL LENS TO ENSURE THAT BUILDING SYSTEMS AND OPERATIONS ARE ALIGNED WITH OUR ESG GOALS AND THE RESILIENCY OF NEW YORK CITY. ENVIRONMENTAL We make a conscious effort to improve New York City by minimizing our carbon footprint through emissions reductions, resource con- servation, and operational excellence. SOCIAL Our partnerships extend beyond the confines of our offices and into the greater New York City community. We strive to be agents of goodwill through volunteerism and financial patronage. GOVERNANCE SL Green conducts our business in accordance with the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards. Our reputation for integrity is the cornerstone of the public's trust in our company.

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