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OUR POLICIES SL Green published a comprehensive set of Corporate Sustainability policies that codifies our commitment across all material Environmental, Social, and Governance issues identified by our stakeholders. Every employee and vendor is expected to support and adhere to these policies, which can be accessed from our website at

ESG REPORTING A comprehensive ESG program requires that all data covering Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives are mea- sured and transparent. We recognize the importance of disclosing accurate and reliable data as a public company, so our environmental performance data has been externally assured. To ensure our investors have access to the most accurate information, we conduct data verification for third- party frameworks including Bloomberg and MSCI, and volun- tarily respond to ESG evaluations including GRESB and CDP. Our strategy has led to widespread recognition, and these reporting frameworks provide measurable validation for the success of our program.


• Monitoring of Suppliers’ Environmental Performance • Engagement with Suppliers to Address Non-Compliance or Improve Environmental Performance • Targets & Deadlines for the Environmental Improvement of Suppliers • External Certification (ISO 14001, Organic, etc.) Covering Over 50% of the Company’s Suppliers • Engagement with NGOs or Industry Peers to Address Environmental Issues in the Supply Chain • Fair Trade Policy Social Policies • Child Labor & Forced Labor • Freedom of Association • Fair Wages & Equal Remuneration • Anti-Discrimination Policy • Diversity Policy • Supply Chain Management Policy • Human Rights Policy • Employee Health & Safety • Supply Chain Health & Safety • Customer Health & Safety • Employee Training & Career Development • Employee Engagement & Feedback • Equal Opportunity Policy • Business Ethics Policy • Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy • Employee Protection / Whistleblower Policy • Fair Competition Policy • Data Privacy & Security Policy • Responsible Marketing Policy • Community Spend • Community Involvement Policy – Reputation Management • Employees Community Work – Fostering Employee Volunteering • Corporate Responsibility Awards – Awards for Community Performance

• Product Responsibility Monitoring – Impacts of Products and Services on the Community • Community Involvement Programs – Policy Commitment to Consult with Local Communities • Community Involvement Programs – Executive Responsibility for Community Relations • Community Involvement Programs – Community Consultation Guidelines • Community Involvement Programs – Operations-Specific Responsibility for Community Relations • Community Involvement Programs – A Formal System for Identifying Local Stakeholders or Communities of Interest • Community Involvement Programs – Consultation Conducted at Early Stages of a Project • Community Involvement Programs – Accessible Mechanism to Collect, Record and Address Complaints or Grievances Governance Policies • “Say on Pay” Provision • Clawback or Malus Provisions • Performance Oriented Compensation • ESG-Related Executive Compensation • Executive Retention Practices • Proxy Access Provision • Restrictions on Legal Actions by Shareholders • Equal Voting Rights

Environmental Policies • Environmental Protection • Creating Environmental Awareness • Implementing an Environmental Management System • More Efficient Use of Natural Resources • Emissions Reduction • Waste Reduction • Monitoring Environmental Performance • Regular Reporting on Environmental Issues • Consulting with Stakeholders on Environmental Issues • Senior Management & Board of Director Approval • Disclosure on Policy & Management – Energy Efficiency • Green Building Policy • Waste Reduction Policy • Water Policy

NO.1 Scoring Office REIT for ESG Disclosures on Bloomberg World Index

S&P 500 AND S&P GLOBAL 1200 ESG Included on the S&P 500 and S&P Global 1200 ESG Indexes

REPORTING STANDARDS Adherence to GRI “Core” reporting standards for seven consecutive years

GREEN STAR • Achieved a 2019 GRESB Green Star, with a score 40% higher than the average first-time responder • Scored an “A” on GRESB’s Public Disclosure Report HIGHEST SCORING OFFICE REIT “B” score achieved on the 2018 CDP Climate Change response, tying SL Green as the highest scoring Office REIT in North America

• Climate Change • Water Efficiency • Energy Efficiency Policy • Sustainable Packaging Policy • Environmental Supply Chain Policy • Emissions Reduction Policy • Biodiversity Protection • Reducing Impact on Biodiversity • Renewable Energy Policy

TOP THREE Top Three Ranking in MSCI’s Environmental Category (Opportunities in Green Buildings)

• Product & Process-Related Requirements • Commitment to Address Office Products • Commitment to Engage with Suppliers on Environmental Performance • How the Company Accomplishes Resource Efficiency • Partnership Termination • Companywide Managerial Responsibility • Systematic Consideration of Suppliers’ Environmental Performance During Procurement • Compliance with Environmental Standards Included in Legally Binding Agreements with Suppliers

• Shareholder Engagement • Whistleblower Programs • Board Size Policy • Board Independence Policy • Board Diversity Policy • Board Experience • Board Re-Election Provisions

OUTPERFORMER Designation on the Sustainalytics ESG Rating

“A” SCORE Ranking SL Green within the top 10 percentile of Residential & Commercial REITs

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